Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One of my favorite photos of us, back in 2011.

I'm currently sitting here fresh out of a hot bubble bath my darling fiancé drew for me because I'm not feeling great tonight. He and our friend Cory also made me a nice dinner, and did dishes while I was in the tub. Seriously, he is so amazing, I really feel so lucky that I found someone so wonderful to spend my life with. He's a keeper!
Speaking of which, day after tomorrow we are officially going down to the venue in Phoenix we chose for the wedding, to sign the contract and make our first payment. This is the first wedding thing we are booking and paying for and it's seriously so insane, in the best kind of way. I love the feeling of beng so incredibly sure of something, yet it's such a huge exciting step in my life. I think about it every day. There are so many things in my life I still feel unsure about, I love having one thing that I couldn't feel more confident in.
Being young, like every little girl, I imagined what my wedding day would be like. I pictured a beautiful outside grassy area, with flowers everywhere. I pictured a white dress and twinkly lights above my handsome groom and I while we danced together. I thought about it a lot. And now, in less than one year, those dreams will be reality.
I cannot wait until that night, next June. I am beyond excited, but at the same time, I keep reminding myself to just enjoy this time, enjoy planning a wedding and being a fiancé. Because you only get one chance at this, and I want it to live up to my childhood dreams, my man already does :)

Oh, Happy Day!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today was such a wonderful Saturday! I really love days like today where we have absolutely nothing to do, so we go downtown, eat burgers, play at play grounds, and just drive around town and talk about life. I decided it might be fun to take some clips of things we do on a typical day off. So for your viewing pleasure, a cheesy video I made of our day :) hope you all had a great Saturday!

July 27, 2013

Anthropologie Dreams

Friday, July 26, 2013

Anthropologie has always been a favorite store of mine. They always have the most beautiful, classic styles of clothing and home decor. Every time I go in there I fall in love with everything. But planning a wedding and trying to save money means some of this stuff is pretty out of the question. But hey, a girl can dream!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thinking About: My wedding! There was a bit of a change of plans. We changed our date from September to June. So that gives us three less months of planning. Knowing June is a busy wedding month, we went last week to look at a few wedding venues, and am so happy to say we may have found the perfect place! We are going down again this Friday to go over some more details and hopefully making a deposit for our wedding location! It's good we are doing this so early, because our first choice photographer was already booked for that day! So crazy. I'm also now learning what everyone means when they say planning a wedding is overwhelming. We're still eleven months away and I'm already feeling a little stressed about how many decisions there are to make and details there are to go over. I'm really making sure I enjoy this time though, this is a once in a lifetime experience and although it gets stressful at times, I plan to enjoy it!

Watching: Orange Is The New Black. Joe and I discovered it the other night while trying to find something to watch on Netflix, and I'm so glad we clicked on this show! It's about a girl who has to spend fifteen months in prison because of something she did ten years prior when she was a crazy college girl. Now she has to leave her fiancé and comfortable life to live in a pretty scary place. It's a very funny and interesting show. We're really enjoying it so far!

Loving: How my house is coming together. I've been in the process of redoing my home for almost a year now, just little bits at a time. We started with painting the walls, then replacing furniture, now we're working on redecorating. It's a slow process but it's really starting to come together, and I'm glad we're taking our time with it.

Listening To: Dierks Bentley. Haha, yes I am a country music girl! Last night he and a few other country artists had a big concert here in our town to benefit the families who lost their husbands and fathers in the recent fire. It was so amazing to see so many people come together and willing to help those who need it. I also loved seeing such big music stars taking time out of their schedules to help out the people of our little town. Such an amazing thing!

Looking Forward To: My next tattoo! My appointment is in a little over a week, I'm so excited! I'll be sure to post photos once it's done :).

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Friday, July 19, 2013

 These are one of my favorite things for dessert to make at home for two reasons. A. They are delicious and B. they are VERY easy! You might think it would be a lot easier to just go buy some Recess for a buck, and it would be, but making them yourself you know they're only made of four ingredients and don't have any weird preservatives or anything. Plus it's always fun to make your own dessert! So if you're a fan of chocolate and peanut butter (who isn't?) give these a try!

Also- it's really easy to make these vegan if needed, just use vegan chocolate chips and butter replacements.

This recipe makes about 12 cups.

Her and Her Polka Dot Dress

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This outfit is a perfect example of a "typical Cam outfit" because it includes the following:
1. Polka dots
2. Yellow
3. A bow
4. Flats
5. and of course it's a dress.
These are my personal staple things for an outfit. I definitely like to mix it up and wear things that are completely different than this, but this is my go-to if I just don't feel like being creative one day. Something about this that is different for me though is the lip color. I usually always go for a pale, natural pink. But I decided it would be fun to try a brighter pink for summer, and I really like it! It makes me feel like I'm mixing things up when wearing a common outfit.

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Belt: Forever 21, Lipstick: MAC

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Etsy Love + GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I have always loved Etsy! It's such a cool site where you can buy unique and homemade items for pretty much anything! Since I'm planning a wedding, I have been all over Etsy, they have the coolest personalized things for weddings that you definitely won't see anywhere else. Here are a couple things I'm loving from Etsy for a wedding:

This Cake Topper from Ready Go Wedding Co.

These Invitations from Splash of Silver.

   And this Flower Girl Basket from Morgann Hill Designs.

Do you love Etsy as much as I do? What is your favorite shop? Even if you aren't getting married soon, there will be something there for you! That's why I am doing a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Etsy! All you have to do is follow the directions below to be entered to win, and a winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 24th. 

Congrats Monica Meza! I'll email you your prize!
I plan on doing another giveaway in the near future, so stay tuned :)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making s'mores on a summer night, Photos of my sister's wedding dress fitting, Anthropologie shirt, Bumble bee on a daisy, My equality tattoo, Kitten we found, Notebooks my hunny bought me, New mirror, Raspberry smoothie

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Pretty Things and Good Deeds

Monday, July 8, 2013

I really love recently how many clothing companies are aimed to charities and helping people. It seems to be a trend lately, and I'm so happy about it. In this outfit, I'm wearing two different charitable brands, my shoes are Toms and my top is Feed USA for Target. Of course everyone knows and loves Toms, they've become very popular in the last few years, but I really love wearing them knowing I helped out a child in need, just by buying shoes! It can't get easier! And I love the idea of Feed too. Just the $25 shirt I bought from Target provided 24 meals to people in America. It's really wonderful how many people are willing to help others, and how easy they make it for everyone else, just buy adorable clothing! 

Shirt: Target, Belt: Anthropologie, Skirt: Nordstrom BP, Shoes: Toms

Here are some other charitable companies to check out:

3 Strands: This company rescues girls in America(!!!) from sex trafficking, providing them with stable paying jobs making bracelets you can buy.

Feel More Better: This is a really unique company, their clothing is designed to make girls feel more comfortable with themselves and live happily without worrying about what society says girls should look like, and not comparing themselves to models. Their shirts have words on them like "Feel Good About Yourself" and "Not Photoshopped." Definitely a good message. Plus, with every purchase they donate a book to an underprivileged child.

Out Of Print Clothing: Not only does this company sell shirts with vintage book cover art, which is already amazing, but with every purchase they donate books to communities in need, and kids who need school books.

Definitely check these sites out. Easiest way in the world to help others, plus you get awesome merchandise!

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I've recently discovered something about myself; I LOVE plants. Well, I've always loved plants, but I never thought I'd want to be surrounded by them at all times until now. In the past, whenever I'd buy plants, they would always end up dying within a week or two. So I just never really bothered. But since being out and on my own I've gotten more responsible with things, and thought I'd give plants another go. And I love it. Obviously they are so lovely and pretty, but they also bring such a feeling of life to your home. I have started out easy with Succulents and Cacti, because they are very low maintenance, but they are SO beautiful. I'm especially in love with my "Lola" succulent. I only have a few for now, but definitely plan on getting more in the future as I learn more about them and can make sure I don't kill any more!

Happy Fourth!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Today is one of my favorite holidays! I love summer, BBQs, parties, fireworks and all the fun traditions that come with it! Today Joe and I dressed in our patriotic gear and went to my sisters for a BBQ and to watch all the kids play in water. It was a lot of fun and we had such lovely weather! No rain today, luckily! Later we had our own little BBQ here and got up on the roof to watch fireworks! It was a wonderful day! I hope you all had a great fourth, too!

Top: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Nordstrom BP, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bow: American Apparel