Bloom Where You Are Planted

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I've recently discovered something about myself; I LOVE plants. Well, I've always loved plants, but I never thought I'd want to be surrounded by them at all times until now. In the past, whenever I'd buy plants, they would always end up dying within a week or two. So I just never really bothered. But since being out and on my own I've gotten more responsible with things, and thought I'd give plants another go. And I love it. Obviously they are so lovely and pretty, but they also bring such a feeling of life to your home. I have started out easy with Succulents and Cacti, because they are very low maintenance, but they are SO beautiful. I'm especially in love with my "Lola" succulent. I only have a few for now, but definitely plan on getting more in the future as I learn more about them and can make sure I don't kill any more!

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