Her and Her Polka Dot Dress

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This outfit is a perfect example of a "typical Cam outfit" because it includes the following:
1. Polka dots
2. Yellow
3. A bow
4. Flats
5. and of course it's a dress.
These are my personal staple things for an outfit. I definitely like to mix it up and wear things that are completely different than this, but this is my go-to if I just don't feel like being creative one day. Something about this that is different for me though is the lip color. I usually always go for a pale, natural pink. But I decided it would be fun to try a brighter pink for summer, and I really like it! It makes me feel like I'm mixing things up when wearing a common outfit.

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Belt: Forever 21, Lipstick: MAC

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  1. Love your dress and shoes!

  2. I LOVE the first photo, you are absolutely gorgeous!