Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eating: Lots of frozen yogurt! A new place just opened up about three minutes from our house, so of course we're spending lots of time and money there! Sometimes you just can't beat good old frozen yogurt! Especially because it's so versatile. You can go chocolatey, fruity, plain, or lots of gummies. Or all of the above ;)

Watching: Girls. I just started watching season two and am in LOVE. So many people told me to watch it and as usual I said I would but never did. Too many times someone tells me about an "amazing" show that I end up being bored with. But I finally decided to give this one a go, and I'm very glad I did!  It really is like a younger Sex and the City. Which is awesome because I love that show too. It's hilarious and just really entertaining. Plus I have a huge girl crush on Lena Dunham! The only bummer is that it's only a half hour long and ten episodes per season.

Loving: My new camera. It's a Canon SL-1. Up until now I've only used Nikon for DSLRs, but after playing around with my friend's camera, I absolutely had to have one for myself. I've been playing with it pretty non stop. I really want to know how to use it 100% so I can make sure I'm getting the most out of it. I'm trying to get myself out of my iPhone photo habit. It's just so easy to grab my phone and snap a quick photo. But another good thing about the Canon is that it's pretty compact, so I'm going to try to start using it all the time.

Listening to: Everything on vinyl. My mom bought me a Crosley for Christmas last year and I'm pretty obsessed. It really does make music sound better. I love buying new music on vinyl, and also thrift shopping and finding really old ones. Usually based off of the cover art, ha! My grandma gave me a couple of her old Elvis Presley albums too, which I absolutely adore.

Thinking about: Mine and Joe's two year anniversary next month. It's so crazy to think that two whole years ago this guy asked me to be his girlfriend. I can still so clearly remember the insane butterflies going on in my stomach. That amazing feeling when someone you really like likes you back. These past two years went by so fast, yet I feel like I've been with Joe for so much longer. For how much has happened in only two years, it makes me so excited to experience many more years with him!

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