Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anticipating: This whole month! October comes with so many exciting things! Pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, leaves changing, Halloween candy. This is such a fun time of year filled with change, and I am going to try to really enjoy this season and everything that comes with it. Before we know it it'll be snowing out and time to prep for Christmas.

Reading: I was at Hastings the other night and came across one of my favorite books when I was eleven or twelve on sale for $2.99, so I had to grab it. It's called A Corner of the Universe by Anne M. Martin. I started reading it again last night and it brought back a ton of memories. I'm really glad I found it, although I started to remember the very sad ending and am not looking forward to rereading it! What was your favorite childhood book?

Eating: Healthier. Finally! Joe and I made an agreement recently to only buy organic, so all the shopping is at Trader Joe's, and we are only going to eat out one of each meal a week. I also tried cutting out caffeine about a week ago, because I know I'm addicted, but it came with horrible headaches. So now I'm just drinking a lot less than usual, but still having a little bit, and it's much better. Next we just need to get memberships to the new fitness center in town. Yay for being healthy!

Watching: Breaking Bad! Joe and I just got into it a few weeks ago, so we're behind. We're only about halfway through the third season and not letting anyone talk about the finale around us! If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, it's awesome!

Loving: I know I've talked about it a ton already, but I am loving having pen pals! It's so cool getting to know these people strictly through handwritten letters. It all feels so personal. I'm having a ton of fun thinking up creative ways to send letters and fun things to include in them. And it's so exciting getting a new letter in the mail. I wish I had done it sooner, but I'm so glad that I am now!

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  1. yes, my husband and i have been watching Breaking Bad - and like you guys, do not want to talk to anyone about it especially those who are ahead of us or have already seen the finale! it is ridiculously good!