Saving the Date!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yesterday was very exciting for Joe and I because we finished addressing our save the date cards and mailed them out. I know a lot of people don't get this excited just over save the dates, and some people don't even send them at all, but because our wedding planning will have stretched out over a year, each little step like this feels huge.

My sister, who is getting married next month, only planned her wedding in about five months. So I'm sure it feels different for her because she had to start doing everything right away. For me, I have to force myself to be patient and not try to rush things. It even seems a little early to send these out, but because most of our guests are out of state, some even out of the country, it seemed like a good idea to give an early heads up.

I'm checking things off one by one in my big pink wedding planning book and get so excited to see each thing that happens next. Dress shopping, parties, registering, sending out actual invites! I am so  psyched for all of it! For now, its just a waiting, and being patient, game!


  1. So exciting! Did you already find your dress?!

    1. Not yet but I cannot wait for that part!!

  2. These save the date cards are lovely, I love the orange. What an exciting time!

  3. OMGGG!!! SO exciting!!! I love these gorgeous save the dates!!! xo

  4. I love these!! We had over a year to plan and I was the same way! I wanted to do everything way too early. In the end I'm glad I had that much time because I probably changed my mind about stuff 100 times and had exactly what we wanted in the end.