This is Halloween...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm not going to lie, I've been slacking. This is the second Halloween in a row Joe and I wore last minute thrown-together costumes and not made any real plans. Which is strange for me because I absolutely love this holiday! We always just go hang out with my family, which is fun, but we always say we want to go to an actual Halloween party, but never do. Maybe next year!

We still had a good day though! Dressed as Wednesday and Pugsly Addams (with clothes we already owned) and trick-or-treated with my little niece and nephew. Watching them get sugar high is usually pretty entertaining!

What do you do for Halloween? What did you dress as? Any way I hope you had a fun day, and ate lots of candy!

My sisters and I at Robby's birthday costume party a few weeks ago...

And Joe and I last Halloween...


  1. Love your costumes! It's even more creative that you just went with something you already had and came up with such a great costume!

  2. I love your Wednesday face, it's very convincing!
    I just came upon your blog and have been reading all of it, great pictures and writing! You have fairytale hair and seem so very nice, I'm following you!

    The Appleberry

  3. Love your Wednesday costume! And love that you already had the dress! I wore a "Wednesday Addams look" the Sunday before Hallowe'en to go to the bar. I didn't want it to be my main costume but I still wanted something kind of spooky. Mine is less convincing because I don't have the hair. You can check it out here though if you're interested!