&& A Happy New Year Letter Exchange: Project One

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anyone who has been reading Sincerely, Cam a while knows all about my love and passion for hand written letters and snail mail. Last month I came across the && A Happy New Year Project that was completely perfect for me. It is a letter exchange project through the wonderful blog Papered Thoughts. Basically, everyone was assigned partners and given a task to complete and mail to their partner. The first task was a New Years Eve theme. We were to told to stuff NYE inspired paper goodies into an envelope and send it to our partners. I was so excited to start this. I pictured glitter and resolutions and inspiring words, so that's exactly what I did. 

Here are a few photos of what I came up with to send to my partner.

And here is what my partner sent to me. I love the blue theme!


  1. All the stuff you are sending is adorable! :) I love it!


  2. Its all really cute! Very creative! xx

  3. How adorable! Love what you came up with :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  4. This was such a sweet project. :) ♥ You sent some lovely things.
    I wish I could have taken part.

    Abigail x

    1. There is going to be a Valentine's Day one if you're still interested :)