Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Thinking about: The fact that in less than two weeks I will be shopping for my wedding dress! It's such a strange feeling knowing that soon I will be the girl I always watch on Say Yes to the Dress, it will be me trying on a ton of dresses, probably being overly emotional and crazy. As cheesy as it sounds, this is a dress I've thought and wondered about my entire life. Picturing it absolutely perfect in my head, feeling like a princess/ super model in it, haha. So now when I think about the fact that that dress will become a reality in only a couple weeks, I feel a lot of pressure, and only from myself! I am hoping I'm not my usual overthinking, indecisive self and am able to try on that one special dress and just know it's the one. If anyone has any advice on wedding dress shopping, PLEASE share!

Excited about: It finally being December! I'm seriously such a little kid when it comes to this month and the holidays. What is it about Christmas that makes everything feel so happy and special?! Whatever it is, I love it and can't get enough. I always want to do everything Christmassy this month; listen to the classic music, shop a ton, go to the annual Courthouse Lighting downtown, and hope every day it snows! I love everything about December and plan on taking full advantage of the wonderful things it brings!

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Loving: Being able to spend a ton of time with my niece and nephew lately. I recently agreed to help my older sister out by watching her kids for her a few hours two or three times a week. I'm enjoying it so much! It's so much fun watching them play and talk and everything, they seem so smart for how little they are (Zaiden is four and Ellie is two.) I just love being able to be in their lives a ton and watch them grow up. They are my favorite little kids ever!
Wanting: To change my hair. SO BAD! I feel like I've had the exact same hair my whole life and I'm getting really bored with it. I decided I'm going to keep it as it is until the wedding (so it's natural and easy to style) then I want to start experimenting with it. I was thinking of maybe trying a pretty red shade like this or possibly cutting it to this length. If I were really brave I'd try to pull off this look, I think it's so cute! But let's be honest it'll probably never happen. I definitely think it'll be fun, once I'm married, to start off the Mrs. life with a new do!

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  1. Dress advice: try on every different type of style there, even if you don't like it on the hanger. You could be totally surprised :)

  2. Oh wedding dress shopping! Such fun. I agree with the comment above that since you only really do this once to soak it up and try on anything :] She & Him are the perfect holiday blend. I love this post!