My Life

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I want to try to remember everything going on in my life right now. Even the seemingly insignificant things play a big part in my life, and I want to hold on to every detail because in the future, they're the ones I'll tresure.

So as of late 2013, this is my life.

My life is almost constant butterflies knowing that in only a few month I will be a wife.

My life is trying to find a balance between wanting to have too much fun with my friends and wanting to be a mature adult.

My life is lots of burned or messed up dinners that result in late runs to get take out. And a very patient fiancé who reminds me that practice makes perfect.

My life is being really into nineties tv shows, like Friends, Full House, Malcom in the Middle, and Sex and the City.

My life is going to my sisters house three days a week to watch my niece and nephew.

My life is reminding myself to always be kind to the people who aren't kind to me.

My life is very weird inside jokes with Joe that absolutely no one else would understand.

My life is a struggle of knowing what's best for me and my life, but still wanting certain peoples approval.

My life is a seven year old chihuahua named Nic, and am almost two year old Austrailian Shepard named Rocket.

My life is weekly, sometimes daily, trips to Hastings with Joe to see if they have the new comic he needs to add to his already huge collection.

My life is being so unsure, yet so excited, to see what my future holds for me.

My life is strongly believing in everyone's right to live their lives however they choose.

My life is being much more confident than I've ever been, but still fighting those same old insecurities that sneak up on me.

My life is full of silly little decisions like should I buy the physical book or download it to my iPad, and what should I do with my hair next.

My life is being very particular about how I keep my photos organized on my computer, and constantly backing up just in case.

My life is trying to prove to people that I can be tattooed and still be a good, respectable person. And not minding if they don't agree.

My life is trying to find my place in the blogging world. Deciding what I should and shouldn't share, and how I want people who read here to see me.

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