New Year, New Traditions

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This new year coming up is a big one for me. It's the year I will become a wife, and start a whole new life with the person I am marrying. With that being the case, and the new year so close, I spend a lot of time thinking about what married life might be like. So many things change when people leave single life and enter the world of marriage. You're leaving one family and starting a whole new one! There are so many things I look forward to doing once I'm married, especially being able to start brand new traditions of our own.

One tradition I really look forward to starting with Joe is sending out holiday cards every year. Every time I get someone else's in the mail, it makes me so excited to be able to take our favorite pictures and send out a beautiful, festive card to all of our family and friends. It's such a beautiful keepsake to hold on to,  and a lovely way to look back and be able to see how you and your family has grown.

So since 2014 is such a special year for us, we decided to start our tradition now and send out our very first holiday card, marking this milestone in our lives. We found so many gorgeous choices for our card from Tiny Prints, and absolutely loved this card. It just gives such a joyous, celebratory feeling. Therefor it is the perfect start to our new tradition that I know will last for many, many years to come!

Thanks again Tiny Prints for the amazing holiday cards!


  1. Since I have started blogging and following blogs, I have see these holiday cards. It must be an American tradition as we don't do it here in Australia. Do you do them for all of your holidays? Or just the big ones? We just buy ready made cards here. Weird how we do things differently.

    1. It is crazy how different things are! I actually only knew about these types of cards for Christmas until recently when Tiny Prints contacted me about New Years cards. So that was the first I had heard of them, but I think they are getting more popular for every holiday now!

    2. Well there you go! Did forget to say though, your picture is very sweet. Happy 2014!

  2. Aw, this is so festive! You guys look adorable :]