&& A Happy New Year Letter Exchange: Project Two

Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week I completed part two of the && A Happy New Year Letter Exchange Project (I posted about my first project here.) I had so much fun doing these two projects hosted by Papered Thoughts, I'm sad they're over! This was my first time participating in a mail exchange project and I loved it! It was so neat to be paired with a partner I had never met, and so much fun sending and receiving the projects we were "assigned."

For this project, we were told to stuff an envelope full of happy thoughts, positive words, and good vibes. I wanted to do this while sticking to the New Years theme, so like last time, I went with gold, glitter, and a fun, party feel.

I had so much fun thinking of ideas for this project, and even more fun putting it together. I really love being able to create fun things like this, and especially being able to send it out to a new friend. I don't want the fun mail exchanges to end, so I'm already signed up to do this Valentines Day one. I can't wait!

Here are some photos of what I came up with to send my partner

And here is what my partner sent me!


  1. so cute! if i did something like this id want to be your partner!