Shopping, Second Christmas, Cards and Cupcakes

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I really had a lot of fun this last weekend. Joe has a fuller schedule at work now so we always want to have fun and do a lot over the weekends. On Saturday we started with bagels at our favorite local bagel place, seriously, we go there every weekend! Then we did a lot of shopping including vintage stores, getting a few things for the kitchen, and getting the first of our wedding craft supplies (which is exactly five months away, eeep!) We ended that day with dinner at The Raven and saw Catching Fire for the second time, if you haven't seen it yet go see it, now!

Sunday Joe and I went out to his parents' house to celebrate a very late Christmas with them, since they've been out of town a while. It was fun dressing Christmassy again and getting to have an extra little holiday. Plus they brought us back a bunch of goodies from Vermont. Then that night we had a couple friends over for tacos, cupcakes, and the season premier of GIRLS. It's one of my favorite shows right now and I'm so excited it's back! Does anyone else love that show? Then we played a round of Cards Against Humanity which is so hilarious every time.

So now it's Tuesday, which means back to our regular old weekly routine. But it always gets me through the week knowing how wonderful our weekends always are and how fun it is to just run around town with nothing to do!

Hope you had a fun weekend too and have a great week!


  1. Your posts about your weekend have brought a vast improvement to mine. I've taken to thinking of new places to go with my boyfriend every weekend. I've also decided we're going to call some of our nights out dates, we go out and get food and see movies and stuff but we never say Date, so I'm going to get dressy every once in a while. Thank you for this posts, like I said, they have made a vast improvement on my weekends!

    1. I'm so glad! I know what you mean about "dates," when you're with someone for a long time it seems like going out on dates disappears since you go out and do things together all the time, so it's fun sometimes to have something planned for a while and dress up nice to give a datey feeling again!

  2. Obsessed with Girls! I've been waiting anxiously for this season since I binge watched the last two. Can't wait to see your wedding crafts!

  3. Cards Against Humanity is too hilarious - looks like an awesome weekend!

  4. I love your bow in the first photo. I will rock bows until the day I die. :)

  5. I love the wooden spoon and fork! I'm a sucker for any cute kitchen supply! And, GIRLS! I'm so stoked to see the rest of the season!