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Sunday, January 26, 2014

With spring coming up soon (never soon enough!) I'm really wanting to clean out and simplify my closet, house, and whole life pretty much! I collected quite a few things out of my closet that I've been holding on to for way too long just because I love it still, but so much of it doesn't fit or I just simply never wear anymore! So I decided to try to sell a bunch of it to someone it'll be brand new to! If any of you lovely ladies have the PoshMark app, follow me @camscloset! I just added a bunch of new things, and will continue to as I want to clean out my closet a LOT! And if you don't have this app, I highly suggest downloading it (it's free!) Not only can you sell all of your old things so easily, but you don't have to pay to ship them! It's the perfect app for selling your old clothes, and you can also buy things from others or trade. It's a lot of fun to browse things so many girls have posted!

PLUS! You can earn $5 credit when signing up by using the code HUCPG.
So join the fun and shop till you drop!


  1. So happy to have you on Poshmark, Cam! Love your closet so far (and congrats on the sales!). Can't wait to see what else you add.


  2. Love your closet. Too bad you're a tiny bit smaller than I am. Dang.