Take a Peek: Inside My Bag

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I always love when people make "What's in My Bag" posts because it's a fun and cool way to take a little peek into people's lives through what they carry in their purses/backpacks. I just always thought mine would be too boring, but I thought what the heck, I'll bore you anyways :)

I always have carried pretty big bags around because I'm kind of a hoarder. I would carry my whole house with me if I could! I like to be prepared and have everything I feel like I might need when I'm out. I guess that's why my shoulder constantly aches.

First thing is my wallet. Which just has regular wallet things inside of it; cash, credit cards, id, a million movie ticket stubs, things like that.

I always like to have my iPad Mini with me because that alone has tons of possibilities and is always a cure for boredom. When I'm nannying and the kids are napping, it's nice to be able to read or watch a TV show on it.

I also like having a notebook and pen with me at all times. This one I use for blog and my writing notes. I know iPads and phones have note-taking capabilities, but for some reason I love being able to physically write certain things down.

Car keys. Duh.

Hand sanitizer. It's cold and flu season, and being around kids a lot it's super necessary to have clean hands at all times. Plus Joe is constantly asking me for it!

Bobby pins, just in case. I usually have a ponytail holder on me too, just in case my hair isn't cooperating one day.

Sunglasses, which I actually don't wear that often. They always give me headaches and I have yet to find a pair that don't leave those little red marks on my nose.

Burt's Bees and EOS, I absolutely love both and can never pick which I like more, so I carry them both. Especially important now for winter dry lips.

That instant camera is exactly why I mentioned wanting a new one in this post. Mine is just so big and heavy and out dated looking. I love being able to have it on me, but it does add a lot of weight.

And finally my iPhone. This thing is my life, it's pretty pathetic. I always have it on me no matter what and feel naked without it. I hate to be one of those people who is always clinging on to their phone, but I just can't help it! It also works as a pretty good camera if you don't feel like lugging around a dSLR (I usually don't) so that's a plus!

So there you have it! That's pretty much everything I carry around on a daily basis. What about you? What are your necessities to have on you?


  1. I love this! I need a new bag and figure out what to put in it and this has been helpful!


  2. Your notebook is too cute! I'm also a total hoarder, don't worry. :] I think it's only exacerbated by giant purses...

  3. I also lug around a laptop and a DSLR instead of my instal (I have the same one as you!) in addition to all that stuff, so....that looks light to me! haha. That notebook is adorable!

  4. I actually need to fill up my purse, I cleaned it put and now I'm basically putting everything I need in there again.

    1. Haha I do that sometimes too; completely clean out my bag wanting to only carry a couple things then adding everything back in one by one!

  5. I also feel the need to carry everything with me at all times and have a little notebook, pens, hair ties, bobby pins, band aids AND a book. I guess that's about the same as your ipad. My shoulder often hurts as well.

  6. thats so funny i have the same hand sanitizer, lip balms pen and bobby pins (probably not the same bobby pins lol) that camera! <3 love it!
    Yeesdear Blog

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