Family Hike

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today was such a beautiful day here in Prescott, so Joe and I decided to take our furry little children on a little hike. Which they both loved. We drove up to Thumb Butte and walked the easy trail almost all the way up. I tried the harder, steeper trail earlier this week, and a half an hour just about killed me, so this was much better. I enjoyed so much spending time out with my cute little family, getting some exercise and being surrounded by beautiful scenery. Things like this make my workout goals so fun and easy!

I also received my FitBit Force in the mail a couple days ago (yay!) and am starting to get the hang of the thing, it was kind of confusing at first! But I took it out on our hike today and plan on wearing it every day now to track everything since it's not that horrible looking. I'll do a little review on it soon too, in case anyone is interested in knowing more about them!

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and like me, were able to spend some time outside and with the people (or animals) you love!


  1. oh man, i drove through prescott on a college tour and it was a lovely spot. great photos!

  2. So pretty! I got my boyfriend a FitBit Force for Christmas and he loves it. I personally didn't see myself using it, but he is obsessed haha. I'm curious to see what you think about it! Glad you had a nice little outing with your family :)

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  3. Beautiful place! Your dogs are absolutely adorable!