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Friday, February 28, 2014

We all have songs that really mean something to us. Often just hearing it can take us right back to that place and we are able to re-experience the memory associated with the song. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way music has the ability to really draw things out of us and evoke deep emotion. Choose a song that has a particular meaning to you. Tell the story of the memory associated with the song, sharing as much detail as you can. Take us there; let us experience it with you.

This journal entry is kind of an unintentional part two of my Journal Day #1 because it picks up right where that one left off. 

It's September 2011, Joe and I just made our relationship official and are new boyfriend and girlfriend. I remember he texted me one morning telling me that Blink-182, a favorite of both of ours, was going to be in Tempe in a week. With it only being a couple hours away, and me never never had seen them live before, we absolutely had to go. We went online and bought the tickets. We were both so excited. Not only to see Blink, but this would be our first little day trip together!

Joe and I, being our incredibly nerdy selves, went to Hot Topic at our mall the morning of the show and bought matching Blink Bunny tee shirts. We even agreed to both wear our black TOMS to match! We then hit the road on our way to see the show! I was driving, so I remember Joe saying he was going to put on Blink-182 radio on Pandora to get us in the mood! So that's what we listened to the whole way down. We were on the I-17, when all I can remember is laughing so, so hard. Joking around and just having  so much fun together. When ever I think back at these times I always wonder why we laughed so hard at the dumbest things. Like the vinyl Blink Bunny toy we got free with our tee shirts, we decided to name Niles and kept giving him weird voices and making him say weird things. Don't ask haha.

Another strange detail we both remember about that drive is Joe sticking a TOMS flag out the car window (the little ones that come with the shoes) and telling me to roll the window up to hold it in place. And instead of up I accidentally rolled the window down and the blue flag just flew away, and for some reason that was so hilarious to us and we laughed uncontrollably for way too long. And to this day, whenever we pass that part of the freeway, Joe always says, "This is where we lost our TOMS flag." And I love that so much. 

The point of this whole story is the song Always by Blink-182. It was the song playing in the background when this oh-so-hilarous incident happened. And even though I didn't really notice it at the time, that song is what brings that little memory back into my mind, every single time. And now whenever I hear that song, the way I felt that day all comes back; the nervous butterflies when you really really like someone, and the carefree giggles that were non-stop that whole car ride.

We went on this trip to see Blink-182 live, but the real memories were the fun we had together on the drive there, and I love that I have this song as a kind of souvenir from that day.

I love this song so much.

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  1. AWWWWWW matching band T's....adorable!m

  2. blink 182 holds so many memories for me. not necessarily relationship, but my junior year of high school. My sophomore year I met Mark at a record store, a couple years after Tom came through my line while I was working at Barnes and Noble and just a year ago he came in to Cinepolis on one of my first weeks working there. The biggest fan girl moments ever are definitely with that band.