ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Monday, March 31, 2014

My ModCloth Stylish Surprise arrived in the mail today, and I am so happy to report that I love it! If you don't know what a Stylish Surprise is, it's a fun little "game" ModCloth does every so often. All you do is tell them your size, pay $10, and ModCloth will send you a surprise piece of clothing ranging anywhere from $30 to $300! You can also buy one for shoes, accessories, and apartment decor! I had never done it before, and thought this time I would give the clothing one a go. Since I love ModCloth so much I figure my odds would be pretty good, and if I didn't like what I got I was only paying $10. 

When I opened my package today and saw the red plaid, I was happy. I thought it was a plaid shirt, which are always great staples to have. But then I unwrapped it and got so excited to see that it was in fact a dress! A very cute one too! I don't own any plaid dresses, and this one is such a cute style! I got so lucky! I tried to look it up on the website to compare prices and couldn't find it, but when I looked up the same brand the dresses ranged from $50-$100! Definitely a great deal! 

The Stylish Surprise isn't going on any more, but they did say they are going to do another one soon, so keep an eye out! I definitely plan on hitting the next one to try my luck again!

Links to Love

Friday, March 28, 2014

I really want to fill my house with succulents and flowers for spring!

A Sprinkles Cupcake ATM! We need one of these where I live!

How funny are these Emoji loafers?!

Who else is super annoyed with companies photoshopping their models?

Also annoyed with Joan Rivers saying this about Lena Dunham.

These dip-dyed wedding invitations are so so pretty!

Bubble waffles?! Yes please!

In case you missed it: My Tattoo Collection.

Bobby Pin Hacks.

A lovely little reminder for you.

Just posted some new stuff to Poshmark if you care to go take a look.

And finally: Why You Shouldn't be Jealous of "Perfect" People on the Internet.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend, my bridal shower is tomorrow, yay! So I'll be back soon with photos from that :)

Journal Day #5 via Sometimes Sweet

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We all encounter challenges on a daily basis. You may consider yours something small, like having enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do, or it may be a bit bigger- perhaps something you have to overcome mentally or emotionally, or even a struggle when dealing with a difficult person. Whatever the case, take a look at your daily life- what would you say is your biggest challenge? Or if you have a past struggle you were able to overcome, how did you do it? This week, write about a challenge you currently deal with on a day to day basis, or discuss one you managed to get past.
image via Tumblr

A struggle I currently deal with, and one I've been trying to overcome my entire life is anxiety.  And although I am able to say I've come very far since childhood, those old feelings do creep up on me from time to time. This is a really personal subject for me and something I've always felt insecure about, so I'm going to keep out all the hairy details and just explain this briefly.

When I was little, elementary and middle school age, was when my anxiety was at it's peak. And that's something really difficult for a kid to deal with because I didn't understand what it was and was too embarrassed/ ashamed to ask for help. I remember even going to school every day would make me feel so nervous, sometimes to the point of throwing up in the bathroom and not telling anyone. When another student would try to talk to me, or if the teacher would call on me to answer a question, I would feel shaky and my mind would just go blank. It was an awful thing to deal with every day and I was pretty miserable in any social situation, which lead to feelings of depression. 

Fast forward to high school. The summer before freshman year started I finally was brave enough to ask for help, I had gone through too much on my own I was done denying that anything was wrong to my parents. I was able to realize that I wasn't crazy and my problem was something pretty common, I just had anxiety. I learned a lot of ways to get passed these feelings and start feeling more normal in everyday situations. When school started I was able to make a few friends, had a boyfriend, and could talk to people in my classes normally without feeling nervous the entire time. I even remember I was able to say a speech in front of my class once without pretending to be sick that day or even getting too scared, a huge accomplishment for me. 

But even though I was able to take the edge off the anxiety, it still is able to find it's way back once in a while. After my first real breakup Junior year, I found myself feeling that way again. Most of the friends I had made were mutually through my boyfriend, and since I broke up with him they all took his side and stopped talking to me. I felt alone and friendless just like I had when I was younger. And going to school became hard again. This probably lasted a little over a month. But I had gotten so much stronger since it all started and realized, I do have my own friends. I don't need a boyfriend to cling on to to feel comfortable. I can make new friends without him. And that's how I knew I was stronger than before, simply because I was able to think positively about the situation, which made me able to change the situation. 

I really feel like that was the my "breaking point" in having anxiety. Finding out I was able to pull myself out of a shitty situation all on my own. And like I said, the feelings do come once and a while, and they probably always will when I'm dealing with a hard time in my life, but every time they do I feel a little stronger than the last time, being able to talk myself out of the feelings, and now having people I feel comfortable going to when I do need an extra hand.

My FitBit Force and Workout Modivation

Friday, March 21, 2014

Before I start this post I just want to mention that the FitBit Force (what I own) was recalled due to many people complaining of it causing skin irritation. I haven't experienced any of this, and the FitBit Flex is still on the market and the only difference between it and the Force has to do with looks, so all this info also applies to the Flex.

As you might remember, I've mentioned a few times that I've been wanting to get into working out more and am trying to make fitness more part of my routine, instead a terrible chore. I have never been an athletic person. I did some sports growing up, but working out just has never been a thing I've loved. I just find it so difficult most of the times, especially because I have Asthma and it really gets in the way. But I decided recently that that all needs to change. I found myself feeling tired and sluggish a lot, with no energy, and I knew I needed to add working out to my life. It's not that I never moved my body before, I would go on walks around my neighborhood and little things like that, but I guess it just wasn't enough.

About six months ago, I decided to get a gym membership. I have had one before, but just saw it as a waste of money because I barely ever went. So this time, I discovered a new gym that had just opened here in town that was really inexpensive, so I decided to give it another go. My first few times there weren't great because I didn't know what I was doing. I brought my sister with me one day (she knows a lot more about this kind of stuff than me) and she showed me some things I could do and a little routine type thing. And that helped a lot. Now when I go in I know exactly what to do to get each part of my body a work out. 

Even though I started going to the gym more often, I still felt I needed a little more motivation. Joe introduced me to the FitBits online and after reading up on them I felt that having one would help push me a little more. Let me explain just what a FitBit wristband is; as you can see in the photo above, it is a smallish black band you wear around your wrist. It has a small meter on the inside that detects your heart rate. Along with the band, you download the app to keep track of everything. 

On the app you can see how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned, how many calories you've eaten (it has a large database of food you can add, or make your own) how many calories you have left based on your diet goals, water intake, and even your sleeping patterns if you wear it when you sleep! When you first download the app, you fill out basic things about yourself like how active you are, your weight, if you'd like to lose, gain or stay the same, and certain goals you'd like to meet through out the day. 

Now, I'm not the type who feels like I need to know exactly how many calories I've eaten and don't want to become obsessive. If I don't feel like wearing the wristband one day, I won't. And I most definitely am not going to get upset if I go over on my calorie allowance one day. That's not what wearing one of these is about. For me at least, I wear it simply as motivation to always try harder and be able to see my progress and hard work!

I highly suggest having something like this if you're into working out. It doesn't even have to be one as intricate as this, even just something that tells you how many calories you've burned after a workout can make it feel more worth it, you should be able to see just how hard you've worked! The FitBit Zip is a good option if you just want a little clip for working out only.

Here are a couple other tips that can help if you're like me and needed to get into a better fitness routine.. I'm obviously not an expert, but these are just things that have worked for me: 

1. Go easy on yourself. Don't expect to be amazing when you first start out. If you're not able to spend a ton of time non stop working out, that's ok! It's all about progress, just try to push yourself a little bit more every time.

2. Don't expect results over night. If you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just get into better shape like me, it won't happen after one workout. These things take a lot of time and patience. Try not to lose hope, you'll start to notice changes soon enough.

3. Treat yourself to cute workout gear. There's nothing wrong with trying to look cute for the gym, in fact, it makes you feel more confident and will encourage you more. This is something that I really like doing. If I buy a cute new gym outfit, it makes me more excited to put it on and go!

4. Don't compare! The first few times I would go work out I would see a girl with an amazing body and would feel bad about myself, or someone who has been running non stop on the treadmill for an hour and a half and remind myself that I'd never be able to do that. But you really can't look at other people there. You are there for yourself. And everyone's body is different, you really can't compare something that has so many factors involved. 

5. And finally, reward yourself. As human beings, we are very motivated to so something when there is a reward waiting for us at the end. Tell yourself if you go to the gym every day for a week, you can buy yourself something you really want. Or if you're trying to eat healthier, reward a weeks worth of healthy food with your favorite dessert on Saturday. Getting to indulge in a reward really helps making our hard work feel worth while!

Have you tried a FitBit or anything like it? What are some techniques you've used for work out motivation? 

Our Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yesterday was the day we went out and mailed our wedding invitations. This is such a big step in planning a wedding because it just makes it feel so official. And this part was very important to us. We've been looking at invitation options for a few months now, narrowing it down from ten picks, to five, to three, and the final two was the hardest pick. We finally decided that these ones felt right, they felt like us. We both loved how they are so simple and classic, yet have a modern feel to them. I also wanted something that could be framed in the house forever, and these ended up being so perfect. 

We had the best time ever spending an afternoon putting them together, continually mentioning how crazy it all was, and loving every detail of the invitations we chose together, from the actual invites to the floral stamps I love so much to the wax seal we used.

I'm so excited that they are finally out there.  Our lovely guests will be receiving them soon, and I am absolutely stoked to start getting response cards in the mail and starting an official guest list. The realism of this all is more every single day, and knowing how quickly the next three months will fly by gives me the craziest feelings! 

If you've been married or been through the wedding planning process and have any advice for the three month stretch, please share, I'm taking all I can get :)

Spring Wish List

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

With Spring coming up soon, I have really been attracted to lighter colors, simplicity, and minimalism. It's starting to get much warmer, and I'm really looking forward to being able to throw on a simple little dress and sandals.

What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?

Lucky Charm Treats

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In honor of St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I decided it would be fun to put a little festive twist on one of my favorite desserts, Rice Crispy Treats. If you're familiar with making those, Lucky Charm Treats are pretty much the exact same thing, just with different cereal! But just incase you haven't made those too much, and would like the recipe, here it is!

  • 3 tablespoons of butter (plus some for greasing)
  • 1 (10 oz) package of mini marshmallows 
  • 6 cups of Lucky Charms cereal
  • Some extra Lucky Charms marshmallows to top with

  1. Lightly butter a standard size 9x13 casserole dish.
  2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Add in the marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.
  3. Add in cereal. Stir gently until equally coated.
  4. Pour and press into casserole dish until evenly distributed. Top with extra Lucky Charm marshmallows. 
  5. Cool for about 30 minutes. Cut into squares and enjoy!
Super simple and super delicious, a perfect little treat for St. Patty's Day!

One Year Ago: Our Engagement Story

Friday, March 14, 2014

The exact spot I was proposed to in. I'm not hearing the guy in the backpack :)

Exactly one year ago, Joe and I went to Disneyland together as boyfriend and girlfriend and came back engaged. Since it's been a whole year (!!!) I thought it would be fun to share our engagement story with you!

Joe and I had this trip to Disneyland planned for a few months. We thought there would be no better way to spend our tax returns than on the happiest place on earth. We had never been there together and he had never been there at all, so we were beyond excited. I remember it was right after Valentines Day that year we were just strolling around the mall and we popped into a jewelry store. Joe asked me to point out a few styles of rings I liked and wanted to get my ring size for "future reference." Which I completely believed. He had talked a lot about how he wanted to get married but was really enjoying boyfriend/girlfriend life right now and wanted that to last a while longer, so every part of me believed we were just looking and nothing would be happening for a long while. 

After we left the jewelry store, Joe said he had to go to the bathroom really bad and apologized ahead of time if he took a while. So I sat in the mall food court with a soda and got comfortable. Almost fifteen minutes passed, which is long even for him, so I texted him asking if he was ok, and right at that moment he walked out with a look of relief on his face and said, "all good!" haha. Turns out, he was in the bathroom on the phone with the woman in the jewelry store we had just talked to. He had put one of the rings on hold that I had tried on and absolutely loved. The one that when I saw it on he tells me my face completely lit up. 

The next few weeks went by completely normally, besides being extremely excited for our Disney trip. There was one day we were home, our friend Cory was over, and Joe's phone rang. He went into the other room to answer and closed the door behind him, another thing I didn't think twice about because I assumed it was his work calling or something. He came out asking if I was hungry and said he was going to go pick us up Subway sandwiches. Cory asked to go too because he said he had to go to the bank or something. Lucky for him I didn't try to go with them and just let them go. They took absolutely forever getting sandwiches because as I know now, there were going to the jewelry store to pick up the ring he had ordered. Cory even had some funny story about why they took so long, something about an obnoxious lady in front of them at the bank. Again, I didn't have the slightest idea of what was really going on.

Fast forward a few weeks and we're in California. The whole first day in Disneyland was so amazing and wonderful. I would have never guessed there was a diamond ring in his pocket. He seemed so calm all day, just happy to be there, and was doing a really good job of hiding how nervous I now know he was. I was told afterward that his first attempt to propose was at the wishing well to the right of the castle, right after he took that photo of me below. His plan was to give me a quarter to toss in, and when I turned around he wanted to be on one knee. But when I really did turn around, he was just standing there smiling. Too nervous!

The rest of that day was nothing but complete joy for both of us. Once the sun started going down, I asked if for the first night we should watch the fireworks in Disneyland or go on more rides, which he instantly jumped to fireworks! And insisted we go early to get a good view. We sat there waiting in our spot, which was a great view, and as the show started, we got up and Joe stood behind me, his right arm wrapped around me, his left in his pocket. I thought maybe he was just cold. 

We had watched the entire maybe 45 minute show, which was absolutely beautiful, and as the finale went on, and When You Wish Upon a Star started played loud on the speakers, I felt Joe's arm drop. I turned around to see why, and found him on one knee, holding something very sparkly, "Will you marry me?"

The next few minutes are kind of a blur. Right after he asked, according to Joe, I snatched the ring (ha), and pulled him up to me for a hug. I was so nervous I couldn't even respond, poor guy had to ask again! "So, will you?" 

I just needed a couple seconds because after he asked again I said yes probably ten times! We stood in that spot and hugged each other for the remainder of the show, fireworks over us and that lovely song playing. 

As people started to disperse we walked to the nearest bench to sit together. The feeling I had at that moment is completely indescribable. Shocked, thrilled, so so happy, all these feelings at once. More hugs, tears from both of us. I was caught completely off guard, yet knew 100% that yes was the right answer. 

The rest of that night was so much fun. I first called my mom, texted all my sisters and dad, we took our picture in front of the castle (I needed to have one of both of us from that night, I look pretty raggedy in that photo due to my hair being wet then air dried, and crying all my makeup off, but I love it so much.) and we went into a store moments before closing to grab something wedding-y, a bride and groom Mickey and Minnie frame that now holds that photo. After the park was closed, we went to Joe's Crab Shack for crab legs at midnight. 

Throughout dinner we just laughed and smiled, and he explained everything to me, how he got away with the whole thing without me having the slightest clue. We went back to the hotel and completely passed out, so tired from a day of fun and excitement. We spent two more days there and the magic lasted the whole time. Still so shocked about the whole thing, telling strangers in elevators that I was engaged, and feeling the most happy I ever had. 

So for one year now I've been wearing this ring, and every part of me is still as excited and in love as that day. We will be getting married in three months, and every emotion I feel toward it is a happy one. In my whole life, I've never been so sure about anything, and there really isn't a better feeling than making this huge commitment in life, and feeling 100% perfect about it. 

50 Facts About Me

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I was tagged by a few different people to do this "50 Facts About Me" post, so I figured I might as well give it a go.

So here are fifty completely random things about me:

1. I'm strictly a dog person. I think kittens are cute but just don't like cats for some reason.

2. I have a scar on my belly button where it was once pierced. My sweater hooked onto the ring one day and yanked it almost completely out.

3. I cut twelve inches of my hair off when I was sixteen to donate, and although I was happy I donated it, I hated my hair short so much and swore I would never cut it short again. Whenever I get tempted to cut it I think about that time.

4. This year I suddenly became really into makeup, something I never cared too much for before.

5. I absolutely love watching peoples' "haul" videos on Youtube.

6. I'm extremely picky when it comes to food. I even used to hate going out to eat with people because I was embarrassed of ordering a super specific meal or wouldn't know what to do if the restaurant didn't have anything I liked. I've gotten a lot better but still don't have a very wide variety of food I love.

7. It's always been a kind-of-dream of mine to be a baker, just like Cake Boss!

8. Joe was my third serious relationship, third times the charm!

9. I was in karate when I was age 8-11, and was a purple belt when I quit. I always kind of wish I continued to black belt.

10. I was painfully shy all through elementary and middle school, high school I got a little better, and now I don't consider myself very shy at all!

11. I've never been to another country.

12. I really wish I had a British accent.

13. Thirteen has always been my lucky number, I was also born on the thirteenth and will be married on the thirteenth.

14. I am Lebanese from my dads side but hate Lebanese food.

15. I've had my chihuahua Nic for seven years now and she is my favorite little companion.

16. I really want to vlog but feel way too awkward in front of a video camera.

17. My middle name is Marie, same as all the girls on my mom's side, it's like a family tradition.

18. I really would love to visit London.

19. I have lived in Prescott, AZ my entire life (besides when I moved to Phoenix for a couple of years for college) and even though I'm comfortable here I can't wait to move once we're married.

20. My grandma on my dad's side passed away on my fifteenth birthday, worst birthday ever.

21. I had surgery to remove a little growth thing on my eyelid, then one on my heel a couple years later.

22. Eye doctors say I have 20/20 vision, but I don't feel like it's that good.

23. In school English class was my strong point, I was terrible at math, and everything else fell somewhere in the middle.

24. A couple of years ago I replaced the carpet in my house for shiny, dark wood floors, and I regret it so much. I have to vacuum every single day for dust not to show and it's impossible to clean foot prints and streaks off of them. NEVER GET SHINY WOOD FLOORS.

25. My dad has owned a car dealership since before I was born but I've never had any interest in cars whatsoever.

26. And when I was four years old I was in People Magazine with my family for some Toyota thing.

27. California is my favorite state, and Hawaii is a close second.

28. My dad is a pilot and my older sister is training to become one but I can't get on an airplane without having a slight panic attack. Especially when flying over a body of water.

29. As much as I hate admitting this, I love a lot of material things.

30. I love Disneyland so much and wish I could go a lot more often.

31. Joe and I met on Facebook.

32. I love Sex and the City, even the movies.

33. I get distracted way too easily and have a hard time doing only one thing at a time.

34. I always see people wearing really cute vintage and thrift store clothing, but never have been able to find anything even decent.

35. Joe is really into video games and I've never liked them at all.

36. I don't really like coffee.

37. I'm not one of those people who thinks getting tattooed feels good or is therapeutic, it hurts and I absolutely hate it.

38. Mine and Joe's only pet name for each other is Buddy, I don't know where it came from but we both use it really often.

39. I'm not a strong swimmer at all and can't go under water without holding my nose.

40. I'm so pale I have an extremely hard time finding makeup light enough for me.

41. I am really terrible at doing my own nails. I always attempt to, thinking I can do better, and they always turn out so messy.

42. I absolutely adore little kids, but honestly, I enjoy coming home to a child-less house after a full day of nannying. So I think we'll be holding off on having kids of our own for a while.

43. I really enjoy a lot of country music, especially old stuff. But that is for sure the only "country" thing about me.

44. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, but I was in my first car accident only about a month after getting my license. I was texting and rammed into the car in from of me. So stupid! Thankfully no one was hurt though.

45. Yellow has always been my favorite color. I especially love darker shades like mustard, marigold and goldenrod.

46. I constantly find myself doing really strange dances I make up (only at home, haha) and usually don't even notice until Joe says something or starts laughing at me.

47. I am a huge sweets person. I pretty much love any kind of sweet besides citrus flavored things and things with coconut.

48. I'm on my iPhone way too much.

49. I was at the midnight premier for every single Twilight movie that came out. I don't even really like those movies but it was still a lot of fun.

50. When I first starting blogging I felt weird sharing things about myself to strangers, and was nervous that people who hate me might come here to make fun of me. But I got passed that very quickly and now just have fun doing it without worrying about that stuff at all.

Props if you actually read this far, that was quite the list! But I had a lot of fun doing it, and I tag anyone who would like to do it too! Link in the comments if you do so I can read it!

Have a lovely day, friends!

Journal Day #4 via Sometimes Sweet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If you had unlimited resources, what political or social issue, or area of scientific or medical exploration would you fund? Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart that you'd put your time, energy, and money into if you had the means? Tell us about it, along with a bit of background explaining where you're coming from.

This one took some serious thinking for me because there are so many political issues I feel passionate about, and so many organizations that need help; eating disorders, homeless people, cancer, hunger, I don't think I could pick just one. If I did have unlimited resources and a ton of money, there would be quite a few causes I would fund.

The first thing that came to mind is children's hospitals. Kids who are born with some type of disease, or develop one when they're still young. It makes me feel so sad to see photos of little kids who's lives are sitting in hospital beds all day. I can't imagine how hard that must be for them. Being a child should be about playing and being carefree, and no kid deserves a life like that. I know this is reality and there will always be sick kids no matter what, but if I could, I would donate tons of money toward research to help cure some of the sicknesses.

Another cause I feel strongly about is equal marriage rights. I know this is a huge controversy right now, but I just can't wrap my mind around why it would ever be illegal, and why so many people are fighting to keep it illegal. Every human being on this earth deserves the same rights. Period. And if I had the power, I would do anything I could to continue making this issue go away.

If you know me, you know I absolutely love animals. So much. They are such amazing, selfless, loving creatures. And it breaks my heart knowing how many of them are homeless, starving, or being abused. There are a lot of animal shelters out there working hard to bring this problem down, but it's an issue that needs a lot of work. There just are not enough loving homes for pets as there are (domestic) animals in this world, yet there are still people out there breeding their animals to make money. I will always adopt animals instead of buy them, and I will always encourage people I know to do the same.

The last cause I thought of is sex slavery. Or any kind of slavery for that matter. Even here in America, there is a shocking amount of sex slavery happening. It seems so crazy knowing there are girls my age out there, in what's supposed to be a safe country, being forced into things like that. Luckily, this is an issue a lot of people are working to take care of, and there are even a lot of ways we can help. 

At times, it seems like it requires unlimited resources and funds to help these problems, but there are small things anyone can do to help any of these causes. Simply look online and see what is available for you to help out. If everyone out there did a small gesture, it would make a huge difference. And if there is something you feel passionate about, you should do all in your power to try to make a difference. 

Easy Peasy Braided Headband

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I call this "easy peasy" because it is seriously one of the easiest hair styles I've ever tried! I personally prefer wearing my hair down, I feel like I look weird when it's up, so I love discovering little things like this I can do to jazz up my every day hair. It takes about five minutes and really adds a fun, springy look.

All you need for this is a couple bobby pins and a couple small elastics.

Start by pulling the top part of your hair back so you have easy access to the hair behind your ears. Then, make a small, three strand braid right behind your ear and secure it with an elastic. Do the exact same thing on the other side. Pull each braid over the top of your head and pin it down behind the opposite ear. Release the hair you pinned back and you're good to go! It can help the look to tease the hair behind the headband, and don't forget the hairspray!

I'm not used to doing tutorials, so hopefully this was easy enough to understand! If you know of any other fun hairstyles for spring, please share in the comments, I'd love to learn more :)

Happy March!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy March, Everybody! Can you believe it's already the third month in 2014! Is it just me or does time seem to go by so much faster the older you get? I keep finding myself shocked about how soon our wedding is. We're down to three and a half months away, and have been engaged almost a year! The time of our purposefully long engagement sure is flying! 

Anyways, it's been really rainy and stormy out this weekend, which is a normal way for this town to welcome Spring. Snow within the next few weeks wouldn't surprise me. It was super rainy Friday night when Joe came home from work, but I was just dying to get out of the house. I had been home with my feet up since Wednesday trying to reduce extreme swelling from my tattoos. We got rain-ready and went to a little sushi place down town. It was a lot of fun and delicious, but a bad idea for my feet. They killed the whole time at dinner and I ended up limping back into the house that night. My feet and ankles are still incredibly puffy and I really hope they go down soon, with the help of ice packs and almost constant elevation. 

On Saturday we sat down and did all of our wedding invitation work, stuffing stamping and sealing! We had so much fun listening to music together and putting together our wedding invites, repeatedly saying how crazy it all was! We're going to send them out some time this week and I absolutely cannot wait until we start receiving replies in the mail! I'll post a photo of one of them here once I know everyone has received theirs :) 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!