ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Monday, March 31, 2014

My ModCloth Stylish Surprise arrived in the mail today, and I am so happy to report that I love it! If you don't know what a Stylish Surprise is, it's a fun little "game" ModCloth does every so often. All you do is tell them your size, pay $10, and ModCloth will send you a surprise piece of clothing ranging anywhere from $30 to $300! You can also buy one for shoes, accessories, and apartment decor! I had never done it before, and thought this time I would give the clothing one a go. Since I love ModCloth so much I figure my odds would be pretty good, and if I didn't like what I got I was only paying $10. 

When I opened my package today and saw the red plaid, I was happy. I thought it was a plaid shirt, which are always great staples to have. But then I unwrapped it and got so excited to see that it was in fact a dress! A very cute one too! I don't own any plaid dresses, and this one is such a cute style! I got so lucky! I tried to look it up on the website to compare prices and couldn't find it, but when I looked up the same brand the dresses ranged from $50-$100! Definitely a great deal! 

The Stylish Surprise isn't going on any more, but they did say they are going to do another one soon, so keep an eye out! I definitely plan on hitting the next one to try my luck again!


  1. Aw, I can't believe I missed this round! I've done this before (though never as cheap as $10!) and I've had great success with it. So much cute stuff!

  2. That really is a cute dress! I'm not a frequent visitor of Modcloth and only heard of this after they were all sold out, a lot of people seem to have some really wonderful things! I hope I can take part in the next one.

  3. oh my thats so cute! Plaid is one of those things you can wear year round. Super cute!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords