21 Before 22

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Since I'm officially 21, I decided to join the bandwagon of doing my age in goals before my next birthday. I made a list of twenty-one challenging but realistic goals I want to try to accomplish before I turn twenty-two! As I complete them, I will come to this post and cross them off, and maybe link a few to a post based on it! Wish me luck!

01. Take at least one instant photo at every special event. I just found these adorable albums meant for minis and would love to fill a few up with special moments.

02. Visit a state I've never been to. Joe and I plan on visiting Vermont later this year, and I really am hoping that works out! He grew up on the East Coast and I have never been there.

03. Get married! Should be easy, been planning it for over a year!

04. Learn to sew. And sew at least one thing from scratch.

05. Volunteer for a charity. Any ideas?

06. Host a party at my house. And I don't mean have a bunch of people over to drink and play board games. I want to host an actual party that I can plan and decorate and get dressed up for.

07. Get at least one big/statement tattoo. I have so many ideas in mind for my sleeve, and I can't wait to finally get started.

08. Shoot a roll of film a month. Film is so much fun and so special, something I need to do a lot more often!

09. Bake and decorate a cake from scratch. I've been wanting to get good at baking and decorating for a long time!

10. Go camping. I've never gone camping in my life. I promised Joe we could go camping for ONE night this summer. And he promised it'd be fun, so we'll see!

11. Take a cooking class. Cooking is another thing I would like to get better at, and I think it would be so much fun to learn more about!

12. Go skiing in Flagstaff. Joe has been snowboarding his whole life and always says how much he loves it, and since I've never been skiing or snowboarding, I really want to make sure I do this year!

13. Grow a little garden. Without killing all the plants :(

14. Meet at least one blogger friend in person. Even though I'd love to meet so many!

15. Dye my hair something other than brown. I think a fun change is in order!

16. Build a piece of furniture from scratch. With Joe's help, of course!

17. Get five more pen pals. Email me if you're interested :)

18. Go to Disneyland. Gotta try at least once a year!

19. Take a shot of wheatgrass. Really want to but I'm scared, haha.

20. Film at least one video of myself and post it. Super nervous but I really want to!

21. Blog at least a few times a week. Gotta stay motivated!

There are my 21 goals for the age of 21! Here's to sticking to them and getting stuff done!


  1. I wish I could grow my own garden but it happens that always ended up killing my plants too and it sucks, maybe I'm not good at it.. but if you succeed.. let us know!

  2. Start with succulents! Unless you're like me and can manage to kill the most low maintenance plants ever, haha. Also, I'd love to be pen pals but I worry that I wouldn't have interesting enough stuff to share with you and/or I would procrastinate and/or forget to write you back.

  3. So many great goals! And challenging but attainable! Im definitely trying to blog more often. I hate to admit it, and I wouldnt call it copy, but I take a great amount of ideas from my favorite bloggers. That usually is what springs me to post more often.Also, if I take my camera out more often, I am more prone to do some quick edits and throw them up on my blog.

  4. I'll be in Flagstaff for my sister's graduation the weekend of mother's day, I don't know if you are close to there. And I also have a goal of camping, meaning sleeping in a tent for a night and I am also skeptical but figure I should try it at least once.

  5. I am really interested in becoming pen pals with you!! I tried to email you but I do not know your email :(

  6. Those sound like great goals, and if you do achieve them all you're going to have such a fantastic year!
    Good luck with them all, I can't wait to hear about some of these things as they happen throughout the year! :)