April 2014 BirchBox: Rainy Days

Saturday, April 19, 2014

So I finally did it! I've been wanting to subscribe to some kind of box for so long now! I couldn't decide between stationery, recipes, or makeup, there are so many different options! But I finally decided that BirchBox would be a good choice for me. I always love trying out new beauty products and get so excited when I find something new that I love!

Today I received my first box in the mail and was so excited that I thought I would share all about it here (since I ripped that thing open like a little kid on Christmas.)

The first thing I pulled out was a shampoo called N.4 High Performance Hair Care Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo. New shampoos are something I'm always open to trying out, and this one seems really nice and smells amazing! It also came with a little reconstructing mask of the same brand. Always love using hair masks and having super soft hair for a while!

The next thing is a nutrition bar called Kind Healthy Grains and it's maple and pumpkin seeds with sea salt. I've definitely seen this brand before and heard good things but never tried it, so I'm excited to give it a try!

Another thing I got was a perfume sample called Harvey Prince Yogini. I'm honestly not a huge perfume person besides my Marc Jacobs perfume I wear on special occasions. A lot of them give me headaches, and this one is super strong and probably would too! It smells nice, but to me smells a bit more like an air freshener than a perfume, probably will toss it or give it away.

Then I got a nail polish called Color Club in the color Heirloom Pearls. I really love collection nail polishes so I'm happy I got one! It's a really pretty color too, very soft and pearly. So that'll be fun to try out!

And finally, the last thing in my box is an eyeliner called Sumitas Color Contrast Eyeliner. I got a little nervous when I saw that the color was "Deep Purple" since I don't really wear color on my eyes, but I tried it out and it's very dark, more like a brown than purple, so I think I'll be able to make it work!

So that's everything I got in my very first BirchBox! I'm excited to try some of these products out, and even more excited to get my next box in the mail! Such a fun little surprise every month! If you don't have a BirchBox subscription and would like one, click here to sign up! It's only $10 a month! And if you are a subscriber to this as well (or anything else for that matter) I'd love to know what you got in your box this month!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful Easter dear! xx
    -Darianne | She Wrote Today

  2. Wow, this things seem like such a sweet idea! I'd never heard of them until now. I am tempted to try!

  3. how cool! i want one now!