It's Wednesday

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

these two photos of me with my best friends were taken ten years apart! so crazy!

Today is Wednesday (I hate the term "hump day.") and I finally feel like I have a moment to sit down and blog. Life has been so hectic lately, but in a really good way! I'm still somewhat new to this whole blogging thing and am still trying to find a good balance between real life and social media life. When life it busy like it is now, I always tend to put social media aside and focus on real life. And I definitely think real life should always come first, but I do need to work on finding a bit more of a balance as someone who aspires to be a "real" blogger some day. I even find myself losing 2-3 Instagram followers every day I don't post a photo, which is always a bummer! And I really don't want to lose interest of the few readers I have and worked really hard to make! This just happens to be a busy time in my life as I'm looking for a new job, and am finishing up planning my wedding that is now in two months (a lot of stressful wedding issues have come up lately, not so fun to deal with!) So soon things settle down a little, and I will try my very best to keep up on my blog and post more often!

Here's a little update on everything going on in my life right now:

As of Sunday we will be only two months away from the wedding! Which means it's crunch time! Time to finish up all the planning and get things done! All of that was going pretty well until a couple days ago; Joe, Emma and I spent about five hours putting together little programs for the wedding. I was so happy to be done when the next day I realized we forgot two people's names!! I was so pissed I managed to make a mistake like that! So now we have to completely start over and redo all 125 of them! I guess I just need to be thankful we didn't wait until the last minute to do them and have enough time to start over. It was just such a waste of time and money! But ya know, shit happens.

Another fun thing about Sunday is that it's my twenty-first birthday! Joe, being the sweetest guy in the world, has the most wonderful things planned for this weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait! Although, he does insist we go to a bar since I'll be of legal drinking age, and let me just tell you I'm very light weight and have had some pretty, let's say, icky experiences with alcohol, so hopefully that all goes well! I'll be sure to take a ton of photos and will be back to talk about it!

In other news, my big sister is about five months along in her pregnancy and it's been so neat seeing her belly grow and grow! We also just found out recently that she is having a little girl (yay for girls!) and is going to name her Amelia! Is that not the sweetest name ever?! She is due in August and I just cannot wait to meet and squish the little darling! Then I'll officially be an aunty of three!

And lastly in the life of Cam, Joe just got a really great promotion at work and is loving it! I'm so proud of him! He even thinks this is something he'd like to make a career out of! It makes me so happy to see him doing something he loves and feels good about! Marriage, careers, we really are growing up! Well, once I figure out what I want to do for a career!

So that's about it for me. Busy busy busy! But even though it feels crazy, I am really loving this time in my life and want to enjoy every moment of it. I'll only be someone's fiancé for two more months, only be planning my wedding for two more months, and will only have the excuse of being too young when I don't want to go out with friends for a few more days! Just kidding, but seriously. So many things are going to change soon, so I really want to make sure I stop to look around and really enjoy this time in my life, because there will never be another one like it again!


  1. I bet you're so excited, the wedding is so close!

  2. Wish I could be there for your 21st! Makes me sad I'm missing it! :(