Journal Day #10 via Sometimes Sweet

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quite simply, what are you good at? All of us have particular strengths- what are yours? This week, talk about these talents, big or small. Ideas: discuss how you use these things in your daily life or job, how you discovered a knack for this or that, perhaps even touch on whether or not you are passionate about the things you're good at.

When I saw the prompt for this Journal Day, it almost made me nervous. I am usually much better at thinking of things I'm not good than things I do well. So I almost skipped it (again, oops). But I thought I actually should do this, it'll be good for me. I should rack my brain and come up with a few things I think that I'm good at, everyone should have a few! 

Here's what I thought up:

I can make my friends and family laugh.
I take really good care of my chihuahua child.
I really care about people and their feelings.
I'm good at cooking Italian food.
I'm pretty organized.
I'm so much better at talking to people than I used to be.
I'm usually prompt and on time.
I take really good care of my skin.
I'm good with kids.
I really enjoy helping people.
I always stay true to what I believe in, but also listen to and respect others' opinions.
I try my best to never judge people.
I'm confident I will make a good wife (soon!)

That's all I can think of, but that's more than I thought I would have, so I'm glad I made myself think of a few things. It's important to recognize the good qualities about ourselves, especially when insecurities tend to get in the way!

What are you good at?


  1. I'm really good with kids as well, especially babies and toddlers! They are my favorite. xx
    -Darianne | She Wrote Today

  2. You are also a great writer! <3

    This wouldn't let me log in, but this is Danielle!