As of Late...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I feel like every time I come here to blog it starts out as an apology for my lack of blogging, then my excuse of being busy planning a wedding. I definitely have been busy and overwhelmed, but I wanted to start this blog mainly to have things to look back at during important stages of my life, like this one. So I'm gonna use this post to play catchup and just talk about everything that's been going on as of late. Yesterday, despite waking up with a migraine, I spent a good portion of the day moving stuff from the rooms with laminate wood floors into the rooms with tiled floors. We are finally ripping up these awful, dark, shiny laminate floors we had put in a few years ago. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, they look like real wood, and anything seemed better than the purply-gray carpet that came with the house. But we were wrong! These floors have caused almost three years of stress and annoyance. They are almost impossible to keep looking clean. You see every single foot print, hair, speck of dust, even! And trying to clean them only left streaks and the appearance of hard water stains. We've tried water, vinegar, expensive floor cleaners, steam mops, professional cleaners, we even started using only purified water to clean with! It was getting way too obnoxious, so we finally decided we just need to give up on these and go back to regular ole carpet.  These floors were a good idea in theory, and they looked amazing in the example photo of them, but they're just too impossible. So I'm really excited to be back to somewhat low maintenance floors today! 
In other news, my sister and MOH planned a fun but low-key bachelorette party for me beginning of next month. I told her I didn't want anything crazy or too "bachelorette-y", so we're just going to get a nice dinner out with my bridesmaids and a few friends, then maybe drinks afterwards. I thought this would be perfect since I've never been the crazy party type, and the idea of simply food and friends was much more me! Just need to find a fun dress to wear that night!

All the wedding planning is pretty much done (thank the lawd!) and I've been trying to concentrate on writing some vows. I was super unsure about this idea at first, reading my own hand-written vows in front of 85 people, and a video camera sounds utterly terrifying to me! But Joe and I talked about it and decided it was important we say at least a few words from our own hearts that day, we even agreed to say them quietly without microphones, just to each other, so that makes it sound a little easier. I've always had extreme stage fright, plus I'll already be super nervous that day, but a few people have reminded me now that I'm only saying them to him, no one else, and to just pretend like it's only the two of us there. I hope I'm able to do that, I've been practicing in front of a mirror!

We went to the Court House yesterday to pick up our marriage license, which was surprisingly fun! Well maybe not fun, more like exciting to be making that huge, official step the in wedding planning process. 

This Saturday, Joe and I are driving down to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix to pick up two of his friends from New York! They are going to stay with us until the wedding, and I'm so excited! I've only ever met one of Joe's friends from the East Coast, and I love being able to meet people he's known since before we were together. We live where I grew up, so he's met all my people and seen all my places, and I get really excited when I get to do a little of the same. Having them here will really feel like the official kick-start of wedding events, so I'm really excited for that!

So that's pretty much what's going on around here. Feels a lot more chaotic than it looks written down! Here's what the next month look like for us:
  • Final haircut and color on Friday
  • Pick up friends from the airport the 24th, plus last minute Phoenix shopping
  • Pick up my dress on the 30th in Phoenix, plus my bridal hair trial
  • Pick up more friends from airport the 6th
  • Bachelorette party on the 7th
  • More friends from the airport the 10th (lots of out-of-towners!)
  • Spa day, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on the 12th
  • Wedding on the 13th!
  • Honeymoon the 18-25th!

Crazy, but so exciting! I am loving this time in my life so much, and I'll take being busy then being bored any day! It is all going by so fast though, so I really want to remember to enjoy it and not let myself get stressed out! It's such a wonderful time that should be enjoyed!


  1. Such an exciting couple or weeks for you. It flies by so fast so really try to enjoy the moments!

  2. How exciting!!! I hope you share some photos of your big day.

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys on your big day! :)