Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If you pay any attention at all to social media or fashion magazines, you've noticed these sandals just about everywhere. I first noticed them a couple months ago while looking at sandals online at Urban Outfitters, and I recognized them at the shoes Joe's mom is always wearing. Over the next couple weeks I started to see them pop up on a lot of websites I usually shop at; Nordstrom, ModCloth, ShopBop. At first I really hated them, to me they just looked like Jesus/stoner sandals. And I thought that the "Hobo Chic" ala Mary-Kate Olsen had found its way out of the spotlight. But the more I saw photos of people wearing them (like I posted above) the weird shoes started to grow on me. Enough to even try on a pair at a shoe store while shopping in Phoenix about a month ago. Joe laughed, and I just thought, no way, can't do it! And forgot about them.

These darn shoes just won't leave me alone though! I keep seeing photos pop up on Instagram and Pinterest, and they grab my attention every time! Why do they look so cute on everyone else but I feel so awkward in them! I keep adding them to my shopping cart online then removing them, it's so weird, I don't think I've ever gone back and forward so many times on a clothing item! I really want to buy a pair to bring on my honeymoon, since apparently they're super comfy, I'll just have to ignore Joe making fun of me!

So what do you think of this huge trend, love it or hate it?


  1. I have a red pair of single strapped ones. Like you I thought they were really ugly when I first saw them, tried them on on a whim and thought they looked clumpy looking down at my feet but then I really liked them when I looked in the mirror. It turned out to be one of my best purchases, they're so comfy and took no breaking in and are great for when I have a lot of walking to do. They've been really popular in the UK for years now, how funny that they've only just made it over to the US!

  2. I just bought my first pair (well, I had Birkenstocks growing up but that doesn't count) I decided on the Gizeh in dark brown you can see mine here at my blog.
    I really hope I can get another pair though, they are so unbelievably comfy. I'm totally in love with the Birkenstock Rio, they look so cute and I can see me wearing them with everything.

    <3 Lisa
    The Appleberry