Bachelorette Night

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Saturday night was so wonderful. (All but one of) My bridesmaids treated me to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant followed by drinks downtown. We reserved a private room in the back of the restaurant to ensure we could be loud and silly without disrupting anyone else there. My little sister and maid of honor bought funny, bachelorette-y party favors (pardon the graphic straws!) that were the subjects of majority of the jokes that night, after a cocktail or two those kinds of things become pretty hilarious ;) We all sat there together for a good three hours and just ate and talked and laughed so much. We even had a gentleman in the restaurant offer to buy us all two bottles of champagne of my choice, so of course I went with Dom! Poor guy, haha! It was truly an amazing dinner.

After that, one of my sisters (the one who's not underage, pregnant, or has kids!) and Katie went out to a few bars down town for drinks. My "Bride to Be" sash got me a ton of congratulations and talks and drinks. I even two-stepped with a couple random cowboys, ha! All in all, it was everything I wanted and more for my last night out as a single lady. I'm so grateful to have such amazing sisters and friends.

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  1. Whoa, someone just OFFERED to buy you two bottles of champagne!? That sounds amazing! Renting out a back room is definitely something I'm going to have to file away for the future. My 21st birthday is the end of this week and I'm probably gonna celebrate in a similar fashion. Just minus the penis straws...