Hey June

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's officially wedding month! Whoop whoop!

The last couple weeks have been nothing short of exciting and wonderful. Joe and I went down to Phoenix to pick up a couple of his friends from the airport, and they've been staying here with us. They're a lot of fun and I'm loving hanging out with a couple of Joe's old friends from the East Coast. I also had my bridal hair trial on Friday. It was pretty nerve-racking trying to decided on a hairstyle I thought would look good. But my mom and sister helped me out and I think what we came up with will look good! It took about 900 bobby pins though! 

Other than that it's been really nice just hanging out and enjoying the few last calm days before it's wedding time. We went out and celebrated Joe's 24th birthday on the 31st with a movie and dinner and drinks with friends. It was such a nice distraction from everything and I loved just hanging out, having fun and laughing. It's starting to feel like things are about done, planning wise, and now we can just be excited and not worry. I know everything that day will be so perfect, and the fifteen months of craziness will all be worth it!

Here are a few kind of random photos from the last couple weeks. 

Have an amazing week everyone!

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  1. Babe! Where did you get the dress in the first pic?! Absolutely adorable!