Take a Peek: Inside My Bridal Tote and Clutch

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm getting married in 10 days!!

Inside Tote (so far): Tide To-Go, Eye Drops, Aveeno Soothing Lotion, SPF 30 Sunscreen, Oil Blotters, Altoid Mints, Band-aids, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Bobby Pins, Deodorant, Flossers, and Lint Roller.

Inside Clutch (so far): My Great Grandmother's Handkerchief, Earrings, Bride Undies, Philosophy Inner Grace Perfume, and my Garter.

Are you married? What were your wedding day essentials?



  1. Very pretty! We had a little wedding so so I didn't have to worry about a lot of that. My biggest essential was my rainbows since it rained AND snowed on our wedding day!

  2. I'd say a pair of comfy shoes (Flip flops or Toms). By the end of the night you wont care about your pretty shoes and you'll want to be comfortable.