Appear to be Makeup Free

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't get me wrong when you see the title of this post, I'm not the type that never leaves the house without makeup on. Once in a while it's nice to let your skin just breath and take a break. Especially when on most days I wear full foundation, thick mascara, etc. I love makeup a lot, I think it's a lot of fun to experiment with and figure out how you like to look, but I also think people should be okay looking natural once in a while, whether that be completely bare-faced, or with a few light products.

On those days when I'm just running errands and don't want to apply a full face of makeup, there are a few products I like to use to appear to be wearing no makeup at all, but just enhance everything a little bit.

The first thing I put on for a day like this is BB Cream. I just received this sample in my last Birchbox and fell in love. I've never worn a BB Cream before, until I discovered this one I would just wear plain SPF moisturizer. But this stuff is amazing. It simply evens out your skin tone without giving you an unnatural finish like foundation does. It's very, very light, so it does just enough while still feeling like you're only wearing moisturizer. Plus it has SPF 30, so it's perfect, I'll definitely be buying the full size when this one runs out.

Next I apply a dab of concealer under my eyes. Most people could probably get away without it, but under my eyes are super dark, so with out it I tend to look sick or really tired. I still only use a tiny bit though, to keep it looking pretty natural still. This concealer to too light for me to use on an every day basis, so it's perfect for these days.

After concealer I put the tiniest drop on Posietint on my cheeks. This color looks really natural on me, and a tiny bit is all you need for a natural flushed look. Because it's liquid instead of powder, it looks like skin once rubbed in, plus it's very sheer, so it doesn't look like you have any makeup on your face at all.

Something pretty important for me is to curl my eyelashes. Mine are pretty long, but also stick straight out, and curling them makes a big difference. I skip eye makeup completely when doing this look, but curling your lashes really opens up your eyes without looking fake.

And the final thing I'll do is put on a tinted lip balm. I really like this one from Burt's Bees. The color pretty much looks the same as my natural lip color, but just adds a bit of shine and makes them look healthier. After this, I appear to not have any makeup on at all, I'm just tricking people into thinking I have even skin and naturally blushed cheeks :)

All of this takes less than five minutes to apply, and doing just this much, even though it makes such a small difference, really helps you feel more confident when you go out with "no makeup on." Then you won't feel completely naked like I do sometimes!
pardon the poor lighting, it's the best I could do ;)

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  1. Beautiful! I needed some kind of look to wear to work, because I don't wanna look too primped up, but I wanna wear makeup. This would be perfect! x