Bad Hikes, Pottery, Ikea and Birthdays

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This passed week was a pretty busy one for us. But it was busy with fun things, like birthdays, trips to Ikea, painting pottery and hiking. Okay, the hiking wasn't that fun. I enjoy hiking a lot if it's leisurely and slow, but that's not the way my sister or husband do it, they prefer sprinting up the steeper side of the mountain, and they insisted I do that with them. I realized very quickly that I could not keep up with them and I definitely wouldn't make it to the top. I've been to the top of that mountain many times taking the easy, less steep trail, but this side wasn't happening. The two of them just kept "encouraging" me to keep going and telling me that I would feel so good once I reached the top, but I kept insisting I would either pass out or be sick. Well, I got sick. About three quarters of the way up I literally stopped in my tracks and puked. Three times. And then immediately looked at both of them and said, "I f*cking told you!" So we headed back down. It didn't take long to laugh about the whole thing, and I'm now sharing it on the internet, so it's all good now. We all agreed that next time we hiked together we'd take it much slower, thank goodness!

So after that interesting hike, we went and got lunch, and did something much more my speed; painted pottery at this little kiddie place at the mall. I actually had a lot of fun, even though we were the only people in there over nine, we each painted a mug! We haven't been back to pick them up yet, but it'll be interesting to see how they turned out. The next day the three of us did a turn-around to Ikea in Tempe to buy all sorts of super necessary things. Ikea is kind of like Target, you go in needing one thing and somehow leave with a cart full, oops! Good thing we were in my small car and wouldn't have room for anything big!

The next few days consisted of our friend Zack's twenty-first birthday, which we had at a Irish restaurant with a few friends. I realized I'm not big on Irish food, the guys all enjoyed the beer though! Then Monday was my dad's birthday. All of my sisters and their families went to his house to celebrate with him. We had all of his favorite food and his favorite carrot cake, and did "snorkels," Joe's idea! It was fun though, I always enjoy hanging out with my family, making food and goofing off together.

So that's what's been going on in my life lately, it's now Wednesday night and Joe just fixed our bathroom sink all by himself when I thought we should call a plumber, such a man, hehe ;)

So what's been going on in your life lately? I hope you're having a fab week!


  1. Are "snorkels" what they're doing in the second to last picture? We call that "shotgunning" here, haha.

    1. It's the same as shotgunning, just used with vodka and red bull instead of beer, because it looks like a snorkel, haha :)