Dresses for Fall

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Every year, it seems like August marks the beginning of the end of Summer. Which makes me so happy because, who doesn't love Fall, but it is also a bit of a bummer because I really love being able to just throw on a dress and sandals and call it good. But Fall doesn't always have to mean jeans and sweaters and boots, I really love wearing dresses in the fall. It's a perfect transition after it's hot before it gets cold to wear a dress with tights and a cardigan. I found a few dresses I'm loving for Fall and I'll be adding to my Fall Shopping List!


  1. I love all the colors, but I'm such a stripes addict! That t-shirt dress is my favorite :)

    1. I'm the same way! Black and white striped everything!

  2. Oh, that red plaid Modcloth dress might have to make it onto my shopping list too — it's to die for!

  3. I was loving dresses this winter! Now that spring is upon me on this side of the world, I'll be looking at spring dresses. I love the Nordstrom's ones.