The Key(s) to a Happy Marriage

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

At our wedding, something we had out and hoped everyone would participate in was sharing with us what they thought was the key to a happy marriage. And the results were amazing. Some were silly, some were even just scribbles from little kids, but this is something we are both so happy that we did. Every person there was someone who's opinions we really value, and it was so great being able to go through and read everyone's advice to us; heartfelt, sweet and beautiful advice.

This is one of my favorite little keepsakes from our wedding because all of these people are so important to us, and having this little wooden box full of their words and reminders is something we will treasure forever.

If you haven't gotten married yet and are going to someday, something I recommend to you is to have a place for your friends and family to give you advice, you'll be happy you did. xo.


  1. That is such a cute idea! When my best friends got married, they had a custom wooden chest set out that said to share your treasures of marriage into it and everyone signed the outside.

  2. I love these! When Nikki and I got married, her mom is the one who coordinated the wedding. She had everyone who came write on a black wooden tag something nice of a piece of advice! I loved it. We're gonna hang them around christmas, since they double as ornaments.