Simple Weekend Vacay

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This past weekend, Joe and I went with my whole family (except my mom :( ) to California for a mini vacation and some family time. Joe and I decided before we went that we were going to make this a very simple, relaxing vacation. Normally, when we go away for a few days, we tend to over do it; pack too much, take a billion photos, spend too much money, etc. But this time, we wanted to just relax, I didn't even bring my camera, not like me!

It was so nice though! We just went with the flow and had fun. Our first day there we all hung out at the house together, went swimming, had big family meals. It was fun to share a big house with everyone and hang out the whole time instead of getting hotel rooms. The next day, Joe and I escaped and went to Disneyland together. I know Disney isn't exactly a relaxing place, but we love going there together and always have so much fun, and since my dad's house is only about an hour away, we took advantage. But we even managed to simplify that day. Usually a Disney day for us means Joe carrying around a backpack full of my big camera, extra sweaters, sunscreen, bandaids, and more than we need. This time, we walked in with nothing but my small cross-body purse containing our phones and some cash. It felt so good to just have fun and not think about it too much. And we survived without a million extra things to carry around! We stayed there from open to close and had so much fun.

The next day wasn't as fun for Joe. He woke up the next morning feeling really sick. We figured he got food poisoning from the day before since he had all the symptoms of that. I felt so bad, but he just laid low in our room all day. The rest of us also stayed at the house that day and swam more, rode bikes and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I love being able to hang out with my nieces and nephew, they're so much fun! We flew home Tuesday morning and it's nice to be back home so I can properly take care of my hubby, who still isn't feeling great. It was a really fun weekend though and I'm really glad we decided to make it simple and easy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, as well!

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  1. The pictures are great! I hope Joe feels better! :)