Monday, June 30, 2014

Where do I even begin. The day of June 13, 2014 was the absolute best of my life. By far. It was the day I married my very best friend, the day Joe and I planned for about fifteen months,  and the day I dreamed about since I was a little kid. I always pictured the white dress, pretty flowers, a big cake, and a lot of people dancing, and I got all of that. But what made the day so amazing was the way I felt the entire day. Looking at Joe and feeling like the luckiest girl alive, he's all mine! The two of us made it somewhere that so many people only dream about, finding someone you not only want to spend your life with, but need to spend your life with. The party was amazing, but what made me so happy was knowing it was the first day of our forever, making that small step under the arbor and that ginormous step in life, and being 110% sure about it. I couldn't be happier to be such an amazing man's wife, and I am thrilled to see what life has in store for us. 

photos by Pinkerton Photography