Baby Ezra

Thursday, February 26, 2015

 In January, my sister and her family made the trip to Ohio to adopt their third child, Ezra. We all learned a few months ago that they were matched for an adoption, and we were all so thrilled. They have an almost six year old boy and a three year old girl that they also adopted at birth, and it's the absolute coolest thing ever.

The day after those four arrived in Ohio, my other sister and I flew over there to help out with the kids while they were busy at the hospital. I always love hanging out with them, they're so much fun! Plus there was a ton of snow there to play in, something we Arizonians aren't used to! Unfortunately, we had to leave before the kids met their new brother, but we received tons of photos and videos, the sweetest thing in the world!

Ezra is finally home now, and he is the most precious thing ever. I'm so excited for my sister and her adorable little family.

Zaiden's drawing of a "doggy with babies in her tummy"

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