February 2015 BirchBox vs. Ipsy

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This month's Ipsy bag was awesome! An eyelash curler (worth $25 on it's own!) a beautifully colored blush, face oil, hair volumizer, lip stain, and hand cream! All things I could definitely see myself using. This is my third Ipsy bag and I'm really loving it so far! I really think Ipsy takes into account what you say you like and dislike in their little quiz. Huge fan of this month's bag! 
Total cost of this bag (without actual bag) is $73 for $10 a month.
Get your own Ipsy bag subscription here.
Next is Birchbox, which like I've said a million times, is super give or take for me. This month was, for lack of better word, boring. Shampoo, hair oil (foil packet), eye makeup remover, hair texturizing spray, mascara, and perfume. I'm okay with the texturizing spray, seems different than anything I've ever tried, and I would be more okay with the mascara if I didn't also get one last month. Everything else gets a big thumbs down. Juicy Couture perfume? I didn't even know that company still existed, plus I just dislike all perfume samples anyways. To me, this box just seemed full of hotel room items. Sorry Birchbox, better luck next time ;). 
Total cost of this box is approx. $35.50 for $10 a month.
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