Sweet Home

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For Joe and I, one of the biggest parts of our first year of marriage (so far) has been making this house our home. This is both of our first time living with someone, so it's been a crazy and exciting journey figuring it out together. We're getting the hang of each other's habits, working together, and doing a lot of compromising.

When we started deciding how to decorate our home, we both agreed right away that we love simple, clutter free, and cozy. And then we both took what we love individually and made them work together; he loves wood and a natural look, I love a lot of photos, art and flowers (real and fake).

Putting a home together is a crazy process. When we got married back in June, we made a (long) list of improvements we wanted to make together, and it's a wonderful feeling after hard work being able to cross things off. It also turns out that the annoyance of cleaning up a backyard and building furniture is more opportunity to bond and laugh together. It's been amazing turning my single-girl's house into a married couple's home, I've been loving every moment of it and can't wait to do more.


  1. That's crazy! Jesse and I have lived together 7 years out of our 8 year relationship, and we're not even married yet. It's definitely hard work, but so worth it! Also, your bed looks ridiculously cozy.

    1. It really is! Thanks! We've tried the fancy bedding thing, but this down comforter from Costco is just the best ;)

  2. your home is gorgous! i absolutely love the colors and th coziness of everything.