Sunday, March 15, 2015

My dad lives part time in Kauai, Hawaii, and always asks my sisters and I to come visit. So on our Spring Break from school last week, we decided to go for a few days. Emma and I left from Phoenix on Monday morning and arrived in Lihue in the afternoon. The day we arrived, it was sunny and warm, the weather was perfect. That made me so excited to spend the week on Tunnels Beach, where the house is, just getting sun and relaxing. But of course, the very next day it became cloudy and rainy, and that's how it remained the duration of the trip. It was still a really lovely stay, I just always prefer sun to rain. 

Anyways, it was a really nice little getaway, even though I missed Joe so much (he had to stay behind and work). The five days went by super fast, but we spent them hiking and kayaking and enjoying fresh fruit smoothies that my dad made us every night, SO good! We even spent a day at the St. Regis spa, which was completely amazing.

Joe and I plan on returning in June, which will be nice because the weather should be much better, I can't wait. Here are a few photos I took over the week. I always try to use my good camera for things like this, but I'm pretty lazy so most are iPhone photos ;)

I hope you had a great Spring Break!

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