March 2015 Birchbox vs. Ipsy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How cute is the Birchbox this month?! This year they started sending out a differently designed box every month, and while I kind of prefer how they used to do the same brown box, this month's is super cute! Anyways, what was inside the box was just okay. I really am glad I got the It's a 10 leave in conditioner. I really like this stuff and it's kind of pricey. I'm also almost out of my current bottle, so that's pretty cool. The only other thing I like in this box is the red lip stain. I love a red lip, and I'm a huge fan of this liquid lipstick/ stains. So I'm always down for that. At first, I thought that little bottle was a nail polish, which I wouldn't like that color of. Then I read that it's actually a highlighter, which I liked the idea of more. So I tried some on my hand and saw that it was thick and kind of mushy, so not a huge fan of that one. I got another face moisturizer, and it's meant for oily skin. My profile says that I have dry skin, so I'm not sure why I received that. Also, another face oil (which is meant for dry skin, why would they put both in one box?!) At first I thought they were cool and fancy, then I discovered that I really don't like them, no matter how expensive they are, and now have about five samples that I'm never going to use. This month wasn't a huge loss, since the box paid for the leave in conditioner, but wasn't super exciting. 
Total cost of this month's box is about $81 for $10.
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And now on to Ipsy, which came in a super cute bag, too! This bag wasn't my favorite ever, but I think I still liked it more than Birchbox. I wasn't stoked to be getting another moisturizer (I think that is their filler item!). Although I have a NYX Butter Lipstick and really love it, I don't love the color I got. Some people can pull off this kind of brownish color, but I definitely cannot! I am happy about the eye gels though! I really struggle with puffy, tired-looking eyes, so I'm excited to see how these work. I also like the highlighter pencil. I've been meaning to try one to make my eyes look more awake, but haven't yet, so I'm happy I finally can! And although I'm not a huge eyeshadow person, I really like these pretty pink shades and think they'll look really pretty for spring! So again, not my favorite bag ever, but had some good stuff for sure! 
Total cost of this month's bag (without actual bag) is $45.50 for $10.
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  1. I've always wanted to sign up for one of these but my skin is sensitive and I worry about what I'll get. Guess for now I'll just drool over yours!