My Nighttime Beauty Routine

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Something I never really worry too much about is my skin. At night, I'll take my makeup off with a cleansing wipe, wash my face if I take a shower, and call it a night. It's really nice to be able to be lazy and still have clear skin, zits are a very rare problem here!

That's how I would've described my skincare routine in high school. Then, it seemed like when the clock hit midnight on my twentieth birthday, out came the zits, dry patches, and uneven skin tone. I seem to be going in reverse; usually high school is the worst time for skin and things get better by your twenties. Not for me. I remember thinking in high school how lucky I felt to never worry about my skin. Going to bed with makeup on happened on more than one occasion, and it was always fine. The occasional lonely pimple would appear, but some toothpaste cleared it right up by school the next day. That's why it was a total shock when the less-than-perfect skin appeared a couple years ago. Rough little zits took over my cheeks and chin, dry patches started to suck up my liquid foundation, and the darkness under my eyes became nearly impossible to cover. It was so frustrating! I'd be lying if I said it didn't really upset my sometimes.

But, like all troubling things, you need to learn to deal with it. I started to realize my skin might actually need the attention I never gave it before. The neglect was finally starting to show through. I did research, read ingredients, tested out quite a few products, and have found a night time skincare routine that's working. My skin still isn't anywhere near perfect, or even where it used to be, but it seems to be under control.

I'm sure it's going to change many times in the future, but here is my current nighttime skincare routine:

When first getting ready for bed, I remove all my makeup with a Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelette. These are just simple and effective. They're the only makeup remover wipes I've ever used and ever care to use, I love them. I always like to get all my makeup off with this before cleaning my face. That way the face wash is actually cleaning my face and not just removing makeup.
Next, I'll use one of these face washes: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser. I usually alternate these two every day (as recommended by an esthetician). The Neutrogena one is a little tougher, good for clearing breakouts and removing excess oils, but tends to dry my face out a bit. So I use the Aveeno one to give my skin a little break from that and wash it with a more moisturizing face wash. I also use the Jan Marini one I just discovered maybe once a week, since I have sensitive skin and don't want to irritate it.
After I wash and pat dry, I tone. I only use this toner on nights when I wash with the Aveno. Just to make sure it gets nice and clean. It's very gentle and alcohol free, so I'm sure I could also use it with the acne washes, but I just like to be very careful about irritating my skin by using too much product.

Then I moisturize. Probably the most important step for me. My skin get so dry sometimes that parts of it actually start to flake. I hate that so much. This Neutrogena night cream is my favorite. It feels so soft on the skin, without feeling greasy or pilling. The moisture really lasts all night, too. Then I'll dab some eye cream under my eyes. I'm currently using a sample size of this Clarins Total Eye Concentrate that I received, but it's almost empty and I'm not sure it's good enough that I want to spend $85 on the full size. If there's an eye cream you love and recommend, let me know!

Finally, I moisturize my lips. Good ole Chapstick has always been my favorite, and I'm loving this duel ended one. The nighttime side is the perfect end to my routine. It leaves lips feeling soft and moisturized through the night.
And that's it! Definitely a lot of steps compared to what I used to do, but it's worth it! My skin has shown significant improvement since I started taking better care of it, and that feels so good. It might not ever look perfect, but at least I know I'm doing my best to keep it healthy and happy!

What are some of your favorite nighttime beauty products?

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  1. I've tried most of those before.. but no night cream. Maybe I need to get on that! lol