Twenty Week Bumpdate

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How far along: 20 weeks and 3 days

Size of baby: 6.5 inches long, the size of a banana!

Weight gain: 5 pounds

Food cravings: Mostly fruit and sweets still.

Food aversions: Haven't been very into meat lately. If I'm cooking dinner and smell raw meat it makes me feel like throwing up.

Stretch marks: Still none. Been using my cocoa butter after every shower, we'll see if I'm able to avoid them!

Symptoms: My lower back has been very achey, and it's frustrating feeling like it just needs to crack but I can't twist enough to pop it. I've been seeing a chiropractor once a week which helps, but most days it's pretty uncomfortable. I've also been so broken out and can't seem to get rid of these zits. I bought this pregnancy safe acne wash since I can't use regular acne wash, it hasn't really helped too much yet, but on the bright side it smells amazing. 

Looking forward to: SO much! Now that we've seen our baby on ultrasound, know that she is a girl, and she even has a name, it feels so much more real. It's making both Joe and I so excited to prepare for her arrival and dream of what we think she'll be like. We've been looking at nursery inspiration on Pinterest, trying to decide how we want her room to look. We even cleared out the former guest room and sold everything on Craigslist to get it ready. It's crazy and so cool to walk in that currently empty room and imagine how it will look with a crib, tons of baby clothes, and of course a little baby! Joe has even been looking online for some spacey art prints for in there, so cute!

Random: I can feel her move every day now, pretty much all day long! Joe even felt her a couple days ago. We were watching TV and I had my hand on my belly and felt a soft little kick, so I grabbed his hand and he felt one too. His reaction was so cute! He goes, "I felt it I felt it! Move some more, baby!" It's such an amazing feeling when she wiggles around it there, I love it so much. Something else we're doing is putting together a playlist for her. A friend of ours told us that when she was pregnant, she made her baby a playlist that she'd listen to whenever she was in the car, and once the baby was born, she would put that mix on and it would calm the baby down and even put her to sleep. So cool! So we're working on putting together a little mix of songs we think Violet would like (I'll share it here once it's done!) Also, I bought my first maternity clothes! I only bought a couple pairs of jeans, since my regular jeans were getting uncomfortable, and wow, what a difference! I practically sighed in relief when I tried these on (they're called "Mama Super Skinny Jeans" from H&M), so comfortable! I was so excited to find some that look similar to my normal jeans once that super high waistband is covered. I love them and hope I can wear them throughout this pregnancy! 

Father's Day in San Diego

Monday, June 29, 2015

Every year, my dad likes to get the whole family together to celebrate Father's Day with him. It's a really fun reason to spend a few days with the whole family, something that rarely happens anymore. This year, we all went and stayed at his house in San Diego (that's nine adults and four kids in one house, haha!) Southern California is one of my favorite places in the world. It's always so beautiful, and brings back so many childhood memories. We spent our time there swimming, visiting Sea World and the beach, eating tons of delicious food, and enjoying the amazing California weather. I was worried I would be stressed about even that small travel while pregnant, but it was actually very relaxing and nice. Made me think about how our next family trip Violet will probably be with us to enjoy it too. I can't wait!

It's a Girl!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yesterday was the day of our big 20 week ultrasound, the one we've been looking forward to pretty much since we found out we were expecting! I was so excited to finally be able to see our little baby's face, and find out what the sex was.

I was excited when the tech told us we could bring more people in with us, so my mom, two sisters, and little niece were in the room and got to see everything with us. Right away she showed us the baby's spine, then things like the kidneys, thigh bones, arms, and that cute little face. I kept waiting for her to tell us whether the baby was a girl or a boy, but of course, our little one was facing away and being shy. We tried moving me around in different positions, and emptying my bladder, but when we finally had what should have been a clear view, the umbilical chord was right in between the legs! After some more moving around, we were finally able to sneak a peak and see that our little one is a girl! I immediately teared up, and so did Joe and my mom! After over an hour in that room, we finally were able to see everything we wanted to see, and get some good shots. It was so cool to see her moving around in there, this little girl is active! She was punching and kicking and moving all around. We even saw her tongue wiggling, which was crazy!

Overall it was a very successful ultrasound appointment. The doctor assured us that everything looked very normal, which was so relieving. We do have to go back for another ultrasound in three weeks though, because of the position she was laying in they couldn't see enough of her heart and wanted to be able to check more clearly. Just an excuse to be able to see her again, so I can't wait!

Seeing our baby was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced, so I can only imagine what seeing her in person will be like. Only five months to go! We love you little Violet Marie

One Year

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yesterday was mine and Joe's one year wedding anniversary, I can't even believe it, we've been married a whole year! This past year has gone by insanely fast, yet so many things have happened. I completely love being married, especially to such a funny, sweet, amazing guy who happens to be my best friend.

To celebrate, Joe and I went to Phoenix to get sushi and see a musical, which was so much fun! Then we came home to eat the top tier of our wedding cake thats been sitting in my mother-in-law's freezer for a whole year, and it only tasted a little like freezer burn ;) It was the perfect low-key celebration together.

I loved my first year being married so much and can't wait for all of the surprises life has in store for us.

Our wedding photos.
Our wedding video.

Sixteen Week Bumpdate

Thursday, June 4, 2015

(easiest to see the actual bump when I'm laying down)

How far along: 16 weeks and 5 days

Size of baby: 4.6 inches long, the size of an avocado!

Weight gain: 3 pounds

Food cravings: Fruit, sweets, milk and cheese.

Food aversions: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Stretch marks: None yet, but I'm thinking I'm probably going to get some. I've been applying Bio-Oil every day after I shower, but apparently it all comes down to genetics. Plus I've been getting itchy and dry on my sides. I'm not going to let it be a huge deal though, it's just all part of it.

Symptoms: 90% of my nausea has gone away, which has been amazing. Other than that just some fatigue and back aches. I've been going to pre-natal yoga classes for a few weeks now and that has helped a bit with both.

Looking forward to: Looking noticeably pregnant to the outside world. I still look like I just have a big beer belly. Also really looking forward to our next appointment. In about three weeks is our big ultrasound where we get to see the baby since seeing it as just a dot, plus we're going to find out the sex, which I cannot wait for! Most wives tales make it seem like it's a girl, but so many of our friends and family think boy. I have a feeling of what I might think and really just want to know for sure!

Random: I felt actual movement a couple of days ago, it was so crazy/ amazing. I wasn't quite sure at first what it was, but I laid really still and definitely felt what everyone describes as butterfly flutters. It was so cool! I also learned that the baby is starting to hear my voice when I talk. I don't think I can get used to talking to my belly, at least not yet, but it's awesome knowing he or she can actually hear me. I'm excited for when the baby can hear outside noises and we can play music for them :)

Just For Fun

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We are three weeks away from our big 20 week ultrasound, and Joe and I are both dying to know if we're going to have a little boy or girl. I keep going back and forth on what I think it might be (based on feelings alone) so it'll be so interesting to finally know for sure! I would be so excited for either one for different reasons, but of course I really just want a healthy baby!

If these old wives tales were true, it'd look like we were probably having a girl, but most of our friends and family think we're having a boy. We'll find out for sure very soon!