One Second of Everyday of My First Year of Marriage

Monday, July 13, 2015

Every day, between June, 13 2014 and June 13, 2015, I used the 1 Second Everyday app to take a one second clip of something that happened during that day. Some days were very uneventful, and some days I'd forget until 11:58pm (which explain the shots of the random TV shows), but I never missed a day. And although so many times I couldn't wait to be done with this little project and having to remember to take a video every single day, I'm really glad I stuck with it for the whole year and now have this souvenir video of my first year of marriage. 

This is probably incredibly boring for anyone to watch besides Joe and I, but if you do decide to watch the whole thing, enjoy!


  1. how did you do this so good i couldn't get mine to work :/

    1. The app was horrible and gave me problems the entire time. Joe and I basically had to just put the clips together ourselves at the end :/