Twenty-Four Week Bumpdate

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: Between 10 and 12 inches long, the size of a cantaloupe!

Weight gain: 10 pounds!

Food cravings: No new cravings really, but I have noticed an increase in appetite for sure. 

Food aversions: Nothing specific.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Symptoms: At about 23 weeks, my skin completely freaked out. The bottom half of my face is basically covered in zits, it's the worst my skin has ever looked in my life. I'm thinking there must be a lot of hormonal changes going on this month because I also started feeling really weepy and emotional. One night I even found myself completely crying on Joe's shoulder and couldn't think of a single reason why. He's been so sweet and understanding about it :) I also noticed the start of that vertical line under my belly button. It's still very faint, but it's there!

Looking forward to: Starting to put a nursery together. Our former guest room is now empty besides a glider and a ton of baby clothes, thanks to hand-me-downs from my older sisters. I keep going back there and trying to imagine how things will look, where the crib should go, and things like that. It's really fun to picture how it will be. 

Random: I feel like this is the month I started to look, and feel, undoubtably pregnant. Even at 20 weeks, I still didn't always look pregnant in certain things, and when I first woke up in the morning my stomach didn't look too pregnant until I ate something. But now, I'm sporting that big baby bump 24/7. Other people are noticing too. I've started to see women in stores look down at my belly then smile at me, which is sweet. Luckily no belly grabbers... yet. Violet's kicks and movements are also starting to feel stronger. I can even see some of them from the outside! I really love the feeling of her moving but am getting nervous for when she's much bigger and kicks with all her might. Also, Joe and I drove down to Phoenix last weekend to register. I felt so prepared going with a list of what we needed and suggestions from my sisters, but man that was overwhelming! We were probably in Buy Buy Baby for three hours, just going back and forth and deleting things and re-adding things and googling things and comparing things and wondering if we really needed something. Baby stuff is confusing! I think hopefully we know which things we really need and what we don't. If you know of any baby must-haves I'd love to hear them!

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