32 Week Bumpdate

Saturday, September 19, 2015

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Between 15 and 17 inches long, the size of an squash!

Weight gain: 18 pounds!

Food cravings: Been loving all fruit.

Food aversions: None really.

Stretch marks: Still none, just a very odd looking belly button piercing scar!

Symptoms: I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I don't know if it's because I'm physically uncomfortable, or just have a lot on my mind (or both) but I feel like I spend so much time lying in bed awake just wishing I could fall asleep! So that hasn't been fun. The amount of acne on my face is also at an all-time high. That pregnancy "glow," aka oily skin, has been making me break out so badly! I'm not letting it bother me too much since there isn't much I can do about it, but it'll be nice when that (hopefully) clears up. Also, my belly button has completely popped out, which I wasn't expecting to happen since I had such an innie before. It's pretty crazy looking.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower is in one week, so that's pretty exciting. We also have done a lot to the nursery, which I've been loving. Violet now has a crib, dresser/changing table, glider, book shelves (already full of books!) and a closet full of clothes. We still need to do most of the decorating and buy essentials like diapers and wipes, but it's been coming along great so far and we're having so much fun putting it all together. We also bought our stroller and carseat. We decided to buy them from Orbit Baby, since that's what both of my sisters use and always rave about. Joe put it together the other night and it's so cute how into it he is. He thinks it's so cool and loves showing our friends how it works, it's pretty adorable. 

Something else we just did was book a photographer for some newborn/family photos. That will happen a week to ten days after she's born. I'm really looking forward to having those. I decided I don't really care to have maternity photos taken though. I'm not really sure why, but I'm just much more into the idea of newborn photos. But I'm still making sure to take photos of myself pregnant all throughout. 

Random: We've been going to the doctors every two weeks, which feels like so much! It's always nice though to hear Violet's heartbeat and being told that everything looks good and healthy. Also, just like I suspected, some of these kicks are starting to get quite painful. Usually they aren't bad at all, but once in a while I'll feel a hard jab that makes me jump. I've got about two months of her just getting bigger and stronger, so I'm a little bit scared, haha! 

Joe and I completed our birthing classes at our birthing center, and I'm really happy we did them, I feel like I learned a lot, especially about the specific place I'll be giving birth at. I'm also going to take a breastfeeding class in October, which I'm excited for since I feel like there is so much to know! 

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