Our Baby Shower

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Last weekend, Joe and I had our second baby shower at my mom's house. It was really nice to see so much of my family and just hang out and eat delicious food. A few weeks before the shower, my mom asked me what Violet wanted to eat at the shower, and I told her waffles, I was having a major craving! So she had this adorable pink waffle truck parked outside. It was so cool and different, such a cute idea, and seriously amazing waffles! It was such a sweet and perfect shower, and I always love spending time with my mom and sisters who live a few hours from us. 

Baby showers are done (sad) but that only means we're so close to meeting baby Violet. Only about six weeks to go!

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  1. All of that is so cute!! I wish I could've made it :(