Christmas 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015

This Christmas, AKA Violet's First Christmas, was definitely a good one! On Christmas Eve, we drove about two and a half hours to my sister's house for a party, which was Violet's first time in the car for more than about 15 minutes. She did so well! She looked out the window for about ten minutes then slept the whole rest of the way! It was so nice to have that time to just talk with Joe and sing to Christmas music. We spent that day hanging out with family and having a really nice Christmas Eve. Then, Violet slept the whole way back home! Such a nice surprise since I was slightly nervous for the trip!

On Christmas Morning, Joe's parents came to our house and we made a yummy breakfast together and opened presents. It was really nice and relaxing. We kept laughing about how Violet got the most presents out of everyone and she didn't even care! It will be so much fun next year when she cares a little bit and can rip open gifts.

Then later that night, we went to my other sister's house (in town) for dinner. More food and family and presents, so much fun! Christmas is seriously the best, and sharing it with a baby this time made it that much more special!

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  1. That third photo with you, Joe and Violet is great!