My Must-Haves for Baby's First Month

Thursday, December 17, 2015

These are the things that have really made the first month of parenthood much easier for us:

A SwaddleMe. Violet has loved being swaddled since day one. We swaddle her to sleep every night and she just loves it. We started out using receiving blankets to swaddle her in, but when she was about two weeks old she was able to kick out of them, and I didn't like her having a loose blanket in her crib. So we bought a couple of these to try and love them! They're made with velcro, so she's sure to stay put when she sleeps, plus they're so much easier and quicker then using a blanket.

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops. We started noticing sometimes after eating Violet would get really fussy and we would have the hardest time burping her. These gas drops were recommended to us and they're amazing. I mostly use them before each nighttime feeding since we lay her right down after, and they make her burp super easily then she's right back to sleep. I keep a bottle next to the bed and one in the diaper bag just in case she gets a bad case of gas, they're a lifesaver.

A Sleep Sheep Sound Soother. We received this as a shower gift and love it. It's attached to the outside of the pack n play that Violet sleeps in, and we turn on one of the nature sounds when we lay her down to sleep. The sounds are really soft and soothing, and they really seem to calm her. She's pretty good at sleeping during the day with normal noises going on around her, but at night when it's super quiet the background sounds help her fall asleep.

Gerber Flatfold Cloth Diapers. We don't use these as diapers, but they work great for everything else! I mostly use them as burp clothes, and always have one within reach. They're just simple, soft cloths that really come in handy.

A Diaper Genie. I didn't think one of these would be necessary at first, but I'm so glad we got one. When you change about a dozen diapers a day, it's nice to just toss them in this instead of taking each one to the outside garbage or having them stink up the house. It really covers up any smells and it's so easy to use.

A Swing. Violet loves to always be moving, which can get tiring while holding her, so it's nice to have a swing that she enjoys to lay in. She doesn't really like her bouncer, she prefers swinging, so I'm so glad we got one of these. This is where she usually is while we're eating or I'm cleaning the house!

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