Quick Ways to De-Stress

Friday, May 6, 2016

I saw a quote the other day that read "You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup." Such an obvious concept, but so many people forget it. We use all of our effort on other things; kids, jobs, the house, the pets, the list goes on. But what good is all of that if you aren't taken care of. As a mom, I have to remind myself that I take the best care of Violet when I am well-rested, relaxed and have set aside some time for myself. Life is stressful, and if we don't take the time to recharge and rejuvenate, it can become way too much. I've learned that the hard way.

Although the ideal relaxation would be a full spa day, it's not always realistic, so here are some of my favorite quick ways to de-stress, most of which you can do right at home:

+ Take a hot bath. Don't forget the "Do Not Disturb" sign!
+ Go on a drive. Something about driving and listening to music can be so therapeutic.
+ Take a quick walk. Running and jogging works too, but walking is more my speed ;)
+ Light your favorite candles.
+ Write in a journal. I love the ones that give you prompts and ideas.
+ Watch a few episodes of your favorite TV show.
+ Enjoy an adult beverage.
+ Dance!
+ Reread your favorite book.
+ Color. There are so many amazing adult coloring books and apps out there.
+ Organize a room in your house. I love to do this one.
+ Call your mom or an old friend.
+ Make a list of things you are thankful for.
+ Do some stretching or yoga.
+ Give yourself a pedicure, complete with foot massage of course.
+ Watch a funny movie. Hot Rod usually does it for me!

Everyone needs their own ways to quickly destress so they're able to return to everyday life as their best selves, what are some of your favorite ways?

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  1. Awww.. She is thus cute.Violet appears thus happy and that i don't have any doubts within the manner you would be feeling on her six months celebration. I want her a cheerful healthy life