Violet at Six Months

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I am in complete disbelief that Violet has been around for 6 months. How on earth did that happen so fast?! She has grown and changed so much and so quickly, without me even noticing. Looking back at her monthly photos from the past 6 months makes me just want to go hold her and squeeze her forever. I'll never feel like I had enough time with Violet as a tiny squishy little baby, I want to savor every moment!

This month, Violet:
Can sit up completely on her own. 
Wears clothing size 3-6 month and size 2 diapers.
Eats solid foods once a day.
Has eaten avocado, sweet potato, green beans, oatmeal, apple sauce, and carrots.
Goes to sleep at 7, wakes up at 5 to eat, then goes back to sleep until 7.
Has started to notice the dogs and loves to pet them.
Is always so happy unless she's tired and it's past her bedtime.
Just got her very first cold. Just a stuffy nose and slight cough.
Can turn the pages of board books.

I hope so much that the second half of Vi's first year goes by slower than the first half did. I don't know how I'm going to handle seeing her turn a year old! 


  1. Kids grow up real fast, you would not even notice and she will me a year old. She is very cute. Pictures are wonderful. Keep posting.

  2. Awww.. She is so cute.Violet seems so happy and I have no doubts in the way you'd be feeling on her six months celebration. I wish her a happy healthy life