Vermont June 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It was June when Joe, Violet and I visited Vermont for a week, but I really wanted to go back and post photos from our trip since it was so special.

Vermont is where Joe grew up. Ever since I met him five years ago (here in Arizona) he's raved about Vermont. He'll talk about the trees and the buildings and the leaves. It's his home, where he grew up, and you can really tell how in love with it he is! Me, on the other hand; I grew up in the same town I live in now. I had never been very far east before, and since knowing Joe, I've been dying to see that side of the country. 

We actually had plans to visit Vermont in the fall of 2015, but since that ended up being the time of Vi's arrival, it wasn't exactly possible. Then a couple of friends of Joe's got engaged and their wedding was going to be in June in Vermont, and they wanted to Joe to be a groomsman. It seemed like the perfect excuse to finally go! Violet seemed old enough (almost 7 months old) to handle a plane ride and a few nights away from home, so we figured it would be good to get her used to traveling early.

I was a little bit nervous for the trip since it would be Violet's first time in an airplane, being out of the state, staying in a hotel, and dealing with a (3 hour) time change. That's a lot for a little person to handle! But she did amazingly and it seemed like she really enjoyed herself!

The flight there was pretty easy as Vi loved looking out the window and "talking" to people. Everyone sitting near us was really sweet to her and talked and waved back, which was nice. We arrived at about midnight and went straight to our hotel to sleep. The next day we walked all around Burlington and Joe showed us his favorite restaurants and places to hang out. I loved finally being about to see where he grew up and went to school. I especially loved Church Street, and the Pier.

We stayed in Burlington for 5 days before we headed over to Ferrisburgh, a town about 45 minutes away where his house was. What's so cool is that his sister and her family now live in the house that he grew up in, so I was able to see it and stay there for a few nights. We had so much fun hanging out with his family and Violet had so much fun playing with her little cousin, who is only 4 days older than her! I loved seeing her interact with someone her exact age, they were adorable together!

The entire trip was a huge success and so much fun! We saw gorgeous sunsets over Lake Champlain, ate so much amazing food, went to our friends wedding, saw the Ben & Jerry's Factory, the Teddy Bear Factory, Echo Science Museum, and had so much fun the whole time. I can't wait to go back now that I know Violet is a great little traveler, and that Joe was right about how wonderful Vermont is!

I'm Back!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

As you can see, I've been absent from my blog for almost four months now. I hate that I just left without saying anything, but I was really trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I love having this space where I can share photos and stories to look back at, and I love the friends I've made blogging. But with any form of sharing comes risks. I was starting to wonder if I wanted to continue having my daughter's face on such an easily-accessible website. And after receiving some strange Instagram comments, I decided to make my blog private and delete almost 1000 Instagram followers, keeping only those I knew. I really love blogging, but my child's wellbeing always comes first.

It's kind of one of those things that I'm sure comes up a lot in parenting; you want to keep your child safe, but know you also can't protect them from everything. Social media is just part of life now. It's not at all uncommon for people to post photos and stories of their children. And 99% of the time, it's a great thing! I love seeing photos of my friends and family and their little ones. I love sharing photos of Violet and my family. But sometimes that 1% of the ugly side of social media creeps in. People feel like it's okay to state any opinion they want, and it's almost opened up a whole new door to bullies.

But that made me think more, I would never want Violet to stop doing something she loves because of rude people or fear. Why let complete strangers decide for me? So instead of completely walking away, I've decided I'm going to keep my Instagram more of a private platform to share photos with people I know personally, and my blog can be more of an open space. It makes more sense to me to go about it with a bit more caution than to stop completely.

So I'm back! I can't promise I'll be posting every day or even every week (mom life is a busy one!) but I'm going to do my best to dedicate some time to Desert Darling. It's something I've put a lot of time and effort into and want to keep that going. So as long as it's a positive place for me to be creative and have some "me time," then I say why not!

So what have I missed in the blogging world? What's new with you all?